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Handicapped by Integrity and Principles

Dear Subscriber,

As long as there is "government," evil parasitical bastards will
have enormous power and nearly infinite resources, all of it stolen
from their victims in the form of "taxes" and "compliance." So
those who choose to resist the megalomaniacs will continue to be at
a huge disadvantage. The slaves always produce the wealth that is
used to buy the whips that lash them. (Dang, that should be a
saying or something.)

One reason I hate asking freedom advocates for help, for me or for
anyone else, is that being on the side of freedom usually has a
pretty high price tag, financially and otherwise. Many of the
people who believe in freedom, and have integrity and principles,
end up impoverished, with "criminal records," shunned by all the
obedient slaves, etc.

A prime example of this is a friend of mine, who you may know as
"Dr. Tom"--a man who I owe more to than I will ever be able to pay
back. As many of you will remember, he was the one who, with his
own money and with no intention of being paid back, funded the
making of the video, "Theft By Deception (Deciphering the Federal
Income Tax)." That video wouldn't ever have happened without him.
His reward for daring to try to get the truth out was to be
maligned, demonized, harassed, raided, terrorized, extorted,
robbed, persecuted and caged. Being a medical doctor, he had a lot
to lose, and lost it, because he refused to be a good, quietly
little victim of fraud. And after all these years, he is still
trying to get back on his feet, still paying the price for his
integrity and courage, still dealing with the BS fallout of having
a "criminal record," trying to get his medical license back (for a
non-existent "crime" that had nothing to do with that anyway),
trying to survive after being thoroughly robbed by the federal
parasites, etc.

So this is my one-time plea to everyone on this list to do whatever
you can now, however large or small, to help Tom out while things
are pretty damn desperate for him. I know we're not made of money,
and I know things are tight for a whole lot of people--especially
those whose hobby is trying to achieve freedom--but to see someone
like Tom being continually punished, after all these years, for
doing the RIGHT thing, is just infuriating. If you can help, even a
little, please do.

Tom can be sent donations via PayPal using the e-mail address
"This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." or via "snail mail" using this address:

Tom Clayton
202 N Vesper Bend Circle
Spring, TX 77382

Lastly, Tom doesn't have a Bitcoin account yet himself, but you can
send Bitcoin funds to him through me using the address below, but
if you do, be sure to INCLUDE A NOTE saying it's for Dr. Tom, so I
don't confuse it with some other order or donation.


Again, I'm only going to ask this once, and Tom and I both hate to
even have to do that. I only do it because things are getting
pretty dire for him. Even a little bit, from a lot of people, adds
up to a lot. So even if $5 or $10 is all you can spare at the
moment, it will still be much appreciated. Tom and I both thank you
in advance.


Larken Rose
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.