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Roving Anarchist Disaster

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Dear Subscriber,

Well, while I was supposed to be planning a multi-city speaking
tour, I have had no power for the last four days. Yippee. So this
is turning into quite a disaster. I do NOT have the means to
organize much of anything right now (other than "organizing" not
freezing to death), so unless other people plan get-togethers, they
won't happen.

I will update the notes in the video linked below, as I figure out
the details of where I will be stopping on my way to Freedom Summit
in Arizona.

Here is how things stand at the moment:

1) TOMORROW night (Monday, February 10th), PROBABLY a little get-
together in northeastern INDIANA.

2) Tuesday (Feb 11th) night, MAYBE in Missouri--probably
Springfield or St. Louis, maybe neither.

3) Thursday (Feb 13th) PROBABLY in ALbuquerque, NM.

Freedom Summit: Phoenix, AZ Feb 14, 15, 16

4) Feb 18th (Tue) MAYBE around Houston, TX

5) Feb 20th (Thu) DEFINITE at State University in Raleigh, NC

Again, I'll post details on the above-linked video, when I have
them (and when I have internet access again).