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"It Can't Happen Here!" on DVD

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Dear Subscriber,

A bunch of people have asked if "It Can't happen Here!"--the video
I just finished and posted on my web site--will be available in DVD
format. Yes, it will, hopefully very soon. And I'll be selling them
in bulk, for really dang cheap, to get it out as far as possible. I
think it's actually a message that is even mainstream-compatible.
For those who haven't seen it, here's the link:

"It Can't Happen Here!"

Now, two minor mistakes have already come to my attention: on one
quote I left out one of the "B"s in Goebbel's name (the bastard
deserved it!), and another quote is attributed to Noah Webster when
it should have been Daniel Webster (oops). Anyway, I'll fix these
things before making the DVD master, but it occurred to me to
quickly make this offer: whoever is first to find any other typo in
the video will get a free bunch of DVDs (maybe five or ten) of the
video. But it has to be within the next two or three days. And
don't be fishing too hard for nit-picky things to complain about; I
really just want to know if there are any other obvious errors in
the video, before I print a bunch of DVDs of it.

I've been quite pleased by the 8,000+ views the video has gotten in
the past few days. For the contest, Alex Jones' vote is the only
one that counts, but it can't hurt to have lots of views and likes
on it. Also, I happen to think it's a pretty damn good video. But
then, I might be biased.

As a final note, some are complaining that Alex Jones is a statist,
an alarmist, etc. While I have my own disagreements with Alex,
philosophical and factual, I don't at all believe he's a government
plant, as some claim. Considering the fact that he has interviewed
Stefan Molyneux and Lew Rockwell on his show, whatever I think of
some of his opinions and views, I don't at all believe he's a
shill. And considering the size of his audience, the more he can be
nudged in the direction of voluntaryism, the better.


Larken Rose
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