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What the People Want

(originally launched into cyberspace on 11/12/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

Let me preface this message by saying that I don't CARE what the
people want. Majority rule can be--and often is--just as tyrannical
and oppressive as any other kind of dominion. The majority does not
have the right to forcibly impose its will on anyone. Force is
justified only when used defensively, and popular opinion does not
change that one way or the other.

With that having been said, it's quite entertaining to watch the
contrast between a PEOPLE-driven cause and a TYRANT-driven cause.
Of course, any good tyrant knows that he should pretend that his
agenda is supported by the people. If he's really good, he can dupe
the people into actually supporting his plans, but at least he can
pretend that they do.

Pick any candidate other than Ron Paul, and it is patently obvious
that the push to get them into power is coming from groups of
control freaks, NOT from the general public. As much as they try to
make it look like they have public support, aspiring tyrants like
Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and the rest of the
plastic megalomaniac brigade, are obviously self-promoters. The
only reason people even know their names is because they have made
it their mission to advertise themselves. In drastic contrast,
people OTHER than Ron Paul are pushing his campaign. He believes
stuff, and he does stuff, and as a result, OTHER people advertise

The November 5th fund-raising stunt (which raised $4.2 million for
Dr. Paul in one day), which I understand was NOT the idea of Ron
Paul's official campaign, is a fine example of real people saying
"THIS is what we want!" Meanwhile, every other candidate, by their
very running, is saying, "I am what you SHOULD want!" It's funny
watching the powers that be, and the talking heads on TV whose
strings they pull, trying to off-handedly bash Ron Paul supporters
as kooks and nobodies. Well, apparently there are a LOT of nobodies
supporting him, as evidenced by the millions of dollars he just
raised. (Personally, the "somebodies" who support the two popular
flavors of fascism today creep me out a lot more than the weirdest
of Dr. Paul's supporters.)

Over and over again we get examples of how those in government--
including Ron Paul's own party--and in the mainstream media are
going to great lengths to FABRICATE reality. They will tell you
what the "in" beliefs are. They will MAKE the polls say what they
want. They will tell YOU what "public opinion" is; they sure as
heck won't ask the PUBLIC what their opinion is. Several mainstream
"news" (read "statist propaganda") outlets have already been caught
with egg on their face for covering up poll results favorable to
Ron Paul. And when you can't hide the results, heck, just don't let
the "undesirables" participate in the poll at all. If you think I'm
kidding, check this out:

(For those of you who can't view it, the video shows that
Republican party officials barred Ron Paul supporters from
participating in the Texas straw poll, despite the fact that those
supporters had pre-registered and paid to be allowed to do so. How
convenient: "Hey, not very many people want Ron Paul to be the GOP
nominee--at least, not many of the people we let through do.")

Remember, a Constitutional "authority" is NOT what I want, nor do I
care what the general public wants--which almost never matches what
I want. But in this instance it's both amusing and sickening to
watch a lot of real, "normal" people trying to make their voices
heard, over the manufactured, fabricated message of the ruling
class mouthpieces. Every empty-headed "reporter" and talk show host
who proclaims that Ron Paul has no chance is saying, "Gosh, I HOPE
he has no chance, because if he can beat the guys WE are portraying
as the respectable candidates, then we're losing our power and
influence!" And they are. And exposing that fact, all by itself,
makes supporting Ron Paul worthwhile. ( )


Larken Rose