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Thought Control 101

(originally launched into cyberspace on 10/20/0207)

Dear Subscriber,

An accomplished tyrant does his propaganda in such a way that it
doesn't get noticed. And if not for the internet, the American
tyrants, and their mouthpieces in the mainsteam media, would be
getting away with it. Check out the following YouTube video,
unmistakably demonstrating statist propaganda disguised as "news,"
following by an excerpt from my book, "How To Be a Successful
Tyrant." Think they've been reading my book?

First, the video clip:

Now for the quote.

- ----------< from "How To Be a Successful Tyrant": >----------

Fake Popular Opinion

If you can't dupe a majority of the people into actually supporting
your agenda, just lie about it: tell your peasants that most people
support your agenda. Make up or badly distort "poll" results. ...
Unless they bother to do a poll of their own, they will never know
that you lied.
Even if the support is completely fabricated, as long as most
peasants believe it exists, violent resistance will be very
unlikely. Even vocal opposition will be reduced, as peasants are
usually too insecure to voice opinions they believe are unpopular,
even if in reality they are not. ...

People, particularly the weak-minded, want to "fit in" more than
they want to know the truth. If 100 peasants believe "A," but you
can convince each one of them that the other 99 believe "B"
instead, very few will still publicly state A. And if only 10 dare
to speak out in favor of A, the other 90 will each assume that only
ten other people believe in A. Each will believe himself to be in
the minority, and will therefore censor himself, rather than
risking saying something he thinks is unpopular. In this manner,
it is fairly easy to shame most of your peasants into either
supporting you or at least not publicly criticizing you.

Only the rare peasant will be self-confident enough to be the one
to stand up and say, "The emperor has no clothes!" The few who do
should immediately be targeted with demonization and slander
campaigns (discussed more below), to convince all the other
people—who each privately agrees that "the emperor has no
clothes"—that only a wacko, fringe kook would think such a thing.

This technique can even become self-sustaining because most
peasants, in order to fit in and feel accepted by the mainstream,
will repeat your bashings of the alleged "radical fringe" beliefs,
even if they themselves actually share the belief in their private
thoughts. As a result, you may have 100 peasants who believe "A,"
while telling each other that they believe "B" for fear of public
scorn and ridicule.

For purposes of faking popular opinion, you should also manufacture
"adoring masses" for yourself. Whenever you give a speech, fill
the place with paid supporters (such as the people who work for you
anyway), and instruct them to applaud wildly at every inane comment
you make. The image of cheering throngs, giving the appearance
that you have widespread, enthusiastic support, will give a
subconscious suggestion to the conformist tendencies of the
observing peasants about how they should react to your tripe.
After all (your subjects will think), if all those people adore
you, you must be a good guy.

- ----------< end of quote >------------

Note, the laws against censorship apply to the "government," not
the media. So the collectivist lapdogs can spin, lie, cover up,
slander, fabricate, etc., on behalf of their statist buddies in
"government," and get away with it.

Now, if you want to see the fear-mongering government propaganda
distilled down to it's basic essence, check out this hilarious clip:


Larken Rose