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O'er the Land of the Freeeeeeeee...

(originally launched into cyberspace on 10/05/2007)

I hate to be a broken record, but...

EVERY "law" is backed by the ability and willingness to use
violence. One of the most heinous examples of the modern police
state idiocy is the concent of a "curfew": a time after which the
mere peasants aren't allowed to be "on the streets" (i.e.,
outside). Often it's only a certain category of peasants, based on
age, but it's still asinine and immoral.

Want to see what happens in this lovely country when someone makes
the mistake of walking around like a FREE PERSON, at a time when
our rulers say we're not allowed out?

The cop, of course, was only doing his job, like a good little
Nazi. What's really sad is how many people in this country would
blame the girl, for not calmly and quietly accepting the oppression
being imposed upon her.

(Incidentally, if this had happened to my daughter for being out
after the government-approved time, the cop would have more than a
lawsuit to worry about.)


Larken Rose