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The Matrix Has You

(originally launched into cyberspace on 10/01/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

Psychological denial is a creepy thing. And when a group of several
hundred million people have it all at once, that's REALLY creepy.

Several weeks ago (at least) a story broke that I didn't forward to
this list, because I figured most of you would have heard about it
anyway. Then I learned that at least some of you hadn't. The very
fact that ANYONE in the country hasn't heard about it just shows
how firm a grip the matrix has on the American public.

I've mentioned before the "Northwoods" documents, in which the U.S.
military was developing a plan to orchestrate terrorism campaigns,
including in the U.S., so they could blame it on Cuba, thereby
getting public support for a military overthrow of Castro. NBC
broke that story just three months before 9/11/01.

And never mentioned it again.

Just what level of denial can the American people sustain, in order
to AVOID seeing a reality they don't want to see? "Our" government
is the enemy. It is the enemy of freedom and justice--in fact, it
is the ONLY significant enemy to OUR freedom in this country. ALL
of the other things they keep TELLING us to be scared of are either
completely mythical, or exaggerated to a ridiculous degree. The
"protector" government is the thing we MOST need protection
AGAINST. It's sad that hardly anyone can see that.

In the Northwoods documents, the U.S. military described in great
detail elaborate plans designed to DECEIVE the American public, in
order to manipulate the public sentiment. No one is disputing the
authenticity of those documents--it was the U.S. government that
RELEASED them (though I expect that that was not entirely
intentional). And yet I would bet that not one person out of 100 in
this country would recognize the term "Operation Northwoods."

The message of those documents is very simple: "Here is how we'll
TRICK the American public into believing things that AREN'T TRUE,
so they'll support the military agenda WE want to carry out." But
people STILL listen to press conferences by "government" parasites,
and their buddies in our "free press." Why? Are Americans really so
stupid that they STILL believe what the TV tells them to believe?

Funny thing about that...

On September 11th, 2001, the BBC told its viewers what to believe:
that the Salomon Brothers building (aka "building 7"), as a result
of structural damage from being hit by the debris from the twin
towers collapsing, had itself collapsed.

There was just one problem...

The BBC reported it over 20 minutes BEFORE the collapse actually
occurred. Best of all, the propagandists were stupid enough to have
the person reporting it sitting in front of a big plate-glass
window, with Building 7 STILL STANDING behind her. Oops. She went
on and on for several minutes talking about the collapse, with the
thing standing in plain sight behind her. Check it out:

The first time I heard this, I thought maybe it could have been a
mistake: maybe it was some OTHER building standing behind her, and
someone just thought it was building seven. So I waited for the
official response.

I'm still waiting. As far as I know, the mainstream media still
hasn't made a peep about it.

In short, if the MAINSTREAM media doesn't say something, most
people never hear about it, and if they DO hear about it from
somewhere else, they won't believe it. "If that were true, we would
have heard it on the news!" It reminds me a lot of the 861
Evidence: if the powers that be, and their lapdogs in the media,
just remain silent, or occasionally toss out a false allegation,
the truth won't get very far.

There's a reason I NEVER have the TV on in my house. We choose what
to watch (via rentals). Why would I ever volunteer to have the
propaganda of tyrants and thieves piped into my own living room?
Those pretending to "report" the news obviously have an agenda, and
individual freedom and the spreading of truth is NOT IT. (I learned
that first hand in my own case.) Hilariously, though the technology
has changed, not much else has.

"The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man
who reads nothing but newspapers." [Thomas Jefferson]

My book, "How To Be a Successful Tyrant" ( ),
goes into great length about how to use so-called "news" to
indoctrinate the peasantry. But one thing it also advises for the
would-be tyrant is this: Don't get CAUGHT blatantly lying to the
public. Well, I guess that isn't so important after all, because
when they DO get caught, they just pretend it didn't happen, and
most people never hear about it.


Larken Rose