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Business As Usual

(originally launched into cyberspace on 09/21/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

Suppose electronic video cameras and the internet existed back in
1940's Germany. And supposed some malcontent, anti-authoritarian
extremist like myself kept publicly posting video evidence of just
what the "law enforcers" of the day were really like, and what they
were doing on a daily basis.

Well, since the American Nazis can't seem to stop torturing people
on video, I'll just keep right on posting it for all to see:

Notice in particular how casual and non-emotional the fascist is.
Just like an SS robot herding the Jews onto the trains. That is
precisely the type of person who should NEVER be given power over
anyone else. Ever.

And what is his punishment for being a sadistic, abusive fascist
scumbag--and getting it caught on tape? Well, he's on
"administrative leave," while the fascist club "investigates" him.
Golly gee, they might even fire him from his job of oppressing and
torturing the rest of us (but probably not). Poor him.

What is most depressing about the video is the group of spectators
in the background, doing nothing and saying nothing. I'll leave you
with this really sad thought: had the woman being tased been a mere
spectator instead of the victim, would she have done anything, or
said anything? I doubt it. "First they came for the..." Well, you
know the rest.


Larken Rose