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An Illegal Belief

(originally launched into cyberspace on 12/02/2008)

There are lots of things you can DO in this country that are
against the law. There are even a few things you can SAY that are
illegal (e.g., threats, statements that constitute fraud, slander).
But I can only think of one thing that it's actually illegal to
THINK in this country--one thing that it's actually against the law
to BELIEVE, no matter what you do with that belief. And I happen to
believe it.

Various crimes include a "mens rea" component, meaning one's state
of mind is relevant to whether a crime occurred, but I'm not even
talking about that. I'm talking about a belief that, all by itself,
is impossible to have without breaking the law--or at least without
breaking what the tyrants say is the law. Sound absurd? Read on.

How would it even be possible to make any thought a crime? If the
person didn't DO anything based on his belief, or didn't even SAY
anything about it, how could it possibly be illegal to think
something? Well, it couldn't, which is why it takes a rather clever
trick to outlaw the thought of which I speak. Suppose that the
government really didn't want anyone to have a certain belief,
let's call it "Belief X." Writing a law that says, "It shall be
unlawful to Believe X" would look silly and would be impossible to
enforce. But what if instead, the government passed a law that said:

1) You are required to sign something, under penalty of perjury,
stating whether you believe "X" or not.
2) It is illegal to say that you believe "X."
3) It is illegal to DENY that you believe "X," if you really do
believe it.

Passing such a law would make it quite literally illegal to BELIEVE
"X," no matter what you did or said about it, since there is no way
for you to believe it WITHOUT breaking the law. Whether you admit
or deny your belief, either way you are a criminal (though if you
deny the belief, they may never know it). The only way to NOT break
the law is to not believe "X."

Again, if you think this discussion is absurd, keep reading.
Because as it happens, the federal government DID impose such a
law, making it ILLEGAL for me (and many thousands of others) to
believe what we believe. It is, quite literally, impossible for us
to hold this belief without breaking the law, at least the law as
the federal control freaks depict it. In other words, the BELIEF
ITSELF is illegal, no matter what we say or do about it. What's
worse, the belief happens to be CORRECT. As a result, I know
something true that it is a CRIME to know. Think I'm exaggerating?


To over-simplify things a bit, I believe there are specific
sections of the federal tax statutes and regulations that describe
when domestic income is actually subject to the federal income tax
(mainly 26 CFR 1.861-1 and following). I further believe that those
sections do NOT show the income of most Americans, including
myself, to be subject to the tax. I therefore conclude that I don't
owe federal income taxes.

For the full explanation of what I believe, why I believe it, and
why lots and lots of other people believe it, you can order my
book, "Kicking the Dragon," at the following web site:

But for right now, it doesn't matter whether you agree with my
legal conclusions or not, or whether you even know what they are.
The point I want to make here is how profoundly insane it is for
there to be a law making it illegal to THINK or BELIEVE something.
Based on what I believe, I am automatically a criminal, no matter
what I do. Think I'm kidding? Try this:

If I believe I don't owe federal income taxes, what are my options?

1) I could say what I believe, and act accordingly, by not filing
income tax returns and not sending the IRS money. I did that, and
was sent to prison for it. So did lots of others, some of whom were
also sent to prison for it. Others have also been prosecuted for
filing claims for refund, asking for money back that they had sent
in before. In other words, they went to prison for saying, "I don't
think I owed you that." (The only reason the feds didn't do that to
me is because the statute of limitations ran out on the claims I

2) On the other hand, I could pretend that I believe I owe the tax,
and I could file and pay. However, that too is ILLEGAL in my case.
Section 6065 of Title 26 makes it a crime to sign a return that you
don't believe is accurate. So if I signed return swearing that my
income is taxable, when I believe it isn't (and Judge Michael
Baylson coerced me into doing exactly that), I would be breaking
the law. Of course, if you overstate what you owe, they won't
prosecute you for it, but it's still technically illegal.

In short, there was NO WAY for me to think what I think without
breaking the law, at least as far as the feds are concerned. And
that means that, for all intents and purposes, THE BELIEF ITSELF is
illegal. I know that plenty of you have learned the hard way that,
despite the myth of "due process" and all that, in reality, if you
say you don't think you owe the tax, you will be insulted and
threatened, and possibly fined or prosecuted, until you say you
didn't really mean it. And then, if you say you didn't really mean
it, and you sign a return swearing that you owe the tax, you'll be
committing perjury. Ain't it great to live in the land of the free?

If there's one message that I hope makes it through loud and clear,
for anyone who reads my book, this is it: Whatever bunk you hear
about rule of law, due process, checks and balances, fairness and
justice, the truth of the matter is that the federal government is
funded the same way the Mafia is: by brute force. Actually, the
Mafia is preferable, because at least they don't try to deceive and
defraud you before sending in the stupid thugs to collect.


Larken Rose

P.S. The following poem was written and sent to me by "D.R.E.,"
after reading my book, "Kicking the Dragon." I just couldn't resist
sending it to this list, and it seems especially appropriate to the
message above:

- ----------------------------

Martin Luther nailed his thesis to the Wittenburg church door,
Larken Rose mailed his thesis to Spaulding, the IRS whore,
Pope Leo X with Exsurge Domine answered with logic and fact,
The IRS having none chose to attack.

Larken, oh Larken, how dare you believe,
To ignore the IRS and their attempt to deceive,
We told you, we told you, we told you they chant,
But answers to questions they refuse to grant.

At your insistence twelve hundred did ask,
Six simple questions, that was our task,
Should I use this section and what does it say,
About how much taxes I really must pay.

We all must have mistakenly used invisible ink,
Or else the IRS chose not to think,
The answer they sent was only a threat,
If you ask these questions you will soon regret.

The IRS again and again chose to be truthless,
You didn't back down, so they got ruthless,
You are the one they put in a cage,
But I sit at the keyboard livid with rage.

Eventually we hope the truth will leak out,
So people will learn what eight sixty one's about,
It's actually no longer about payment of taxes,
It's about the Fed's choice to whack us with axes.

NeoCons are nazis with classier attire,
But still want to put Larken's book in a fire,
The story of Larken, this he has written,
Buy it and read it before it is smitten.