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Wolfeboro (NH) Talk

(originally launched into cyberspace on 07/15/2008)

Okay, here's the deal. This Friday, July 18th, beginning at 7:00
p.m., I'll be giving a talk entitled "The Illusion of Legitimacy"
(about political stuff, not the tax thing). It will be at the Moody
Mountain Farm barn--the same place the Wolfeboro Folk Festival
happens--which is located at 100 Pork Hill Road, in Wolfeboro, New
Hampshire (40 miles northeast of Concord, 50 miles north of
Manchester). The following link gives the exact location and
driving directions:
(Notice that they have two locations, but the one you want is the
Moody Mountain Farm.)

You do NOT need to order tickets or get reservations for my talk,
or even tell us you're coming. Just show up. Again, we might
pathetically beg for a two- or three-buck donation at the door, but
even that is optional. After the talk, we'll have questions,
discussion, and general hanging around for a while. I'll have both
of my books there, and will be selling them at slightly below the
normal cost, and signing them for people who like that sort of

And again, while radical "extremists" are always welcome, I'd love
to also have some people there who AREN'T already steeped in pro-
freedom issues. So if you can, drag along a devout statist or two.
And while there should be refreshments and snacks there already,
feel free to bring your own, too. Hope to see you there.


Larken Rose