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Larken Rose in NH (RSVP)

(originally launched into cyberspace on 07/14/2008)

Dear Subscriber,

I think we finally have some details for my talk this Friday
evening in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. At this point we're looking
for some idea of how many people will be there, so we can plan for
seating, refreshments, etc. So if those wishing to attend just
fling me an e-mail saying so--and how many folks you'll be bringing-
- -that would be a big help. You don't need reservations, and it's
not a commitment or anything--we just need a general idea of the
attendance to expect. (If you forget to tell me you are coming,
come anyway.) Incidentally, I hope all the "radical extremists" who
are coming bring along a NON-radical or two, too. I'm interested to
see how "normal" people react to this particular rant.

Anyway, the thing will probably start at around 7:00 p.m., and will
take place at a barn about a mile off of route 28 in Wolfeboro, NH,
which is about 40 miles northeast of Concord, or 50 miles north of
Manchester. (By a barn, I mean a place where they do concerts and
events; we won't be pushing livestock out of the way or anything.)
There will be a suggested donation of a few bucks at the door, but
even that is optional.

Again, if anyone expecting to be there could let me know how many
to expect, that would be great. Then I can let the owner know, and
finalize all the details by tonight. Thanks for your help.


Larken Rose