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Take Your Money Back

(originally launched into cyberspace on 04/14/2008)

Dear Subscriber,

As you know, my focus regarding the federal income tax has never
been a "tax protest," but a look at what the law actually says,
which shows that most of us never legally owed a dime in "income
taxes." Unfortunately, as you also know, it takes a significant
amount of time and effort to make any sense of the tax code, and
most people--even most pro-freedom people--don't really want to put
in all that effort, especially when the conclusion sounds so
unlikely to begin with.

Well, today I want to tell you about an actual form of "tax
protest": a principled objection to what income taxation (which is
a nice term for slavery) is doing to all of us individually, and to
the nation and the economy as a whole. What I like the most about
the presentation is that it presents such a basic, fundamental
principle that should resonate with anyone who has ever balanced a
checkbook, and that it does so in a very professional-looking, very
mainstream-compatible presentation. (I didn't make the thing, so
don't compliment me on how good it looks.)

I think this message should be spread far and wide, especially to
people who are NOT already in the various pieces of the "freedom
movement." I think this is one of those very rare opportunities
when we can actually stir up a little righteous indignation among
the general public, instead of just "preaching to the choir" about
how obnoxious the government is.

The first thing to do is go watch the video for yourself. Then get
everyone you know to watch it. Then get everyone you DON'T know to
watch it, too. (There are lots of other ways to spread the word,
too, which the web site can tell you about.) But first, go watch
the video:


Larken Rose