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Support Our (Other) Troops

(originally launched into cyberspace on 04/06/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

The following was forwarded to me to post to this list. It's from
Dr. Tom.

- ------------------< begin quote >----------------------

Donna and I are overwhelmed by the kind donations and words of
encouragement. It is very hard to have been beat up as we have, but
there are some fundamental issues "cooking" in the appeals court
that will help everyone in the near future. At least, that is what
I hope. I would appreciate letters from anyone, as it makes what I
am going through less lonely. The address is:

FCI Satellite Camp
Tom Clayton, Reg# 06269-078
P.O. Box 629
Bastrop, TX 78603

- -------------------< end quote >-----------------------

(Among other annoying restrictions during my "supervised released,"
I'm not allowed to write to Tom, so I hope you'll all do it for

Speaking of appeals, in case I haven't mentioned it before, my
appeal was filed many months ago (by a well-known, very competent
attorney), and the back-and-forth motions have all been filed. At
some point (not now) I'll explain the main issues of the appeal, or
maybe post the entire appeal somewhere. For now we just have to
wait for the court to get around to hearing the case, which will be
months from now.

As for Dr. Tom, I think it's time again to all send a little help
his family's way. Even having been on the inside, I know how easy
it is to forget about the political prisoners who are paying the
price for telling the truth. Who wants to think about that? It's
discouraging and frustrating, and it's not like we don't have
expenses and troubles out here, right? We're all trying to make
ends meet. (Tessa and I still have about an $80,000 penalties-and-
interest "end" that needs meeting, which would be bad enough if we
legally OWED it...but I digress.)

If your car needs a $200 repair, you just grumble and pay it,
right? When your washing machine dies completely, you curse it and
then buy another one. We all have lots of unavoidable expenses, and
so things that are optional we often ignore. "I can't afford it."

This morning Tom Clayton woke up in federal prison, as he has done
for many mornings, and will do for many more. I know him, and I
know that today he will wonder how his family is doing, how they
will get by, as he has done for many days, and will do for many
more days. Personally, having been there, I don't consider helping
his family to be an optional expense. It is just one of the costs
of living in a not-so-free country.

Once again Tessa and I will be throwing $100--which we "can't
afford"--their way. Again, $100 isn't worth bragging about. I
mention the amount only to illustrate that $100 is either a whole
lot of money, or hardly any, depending upon how you look at it. If
you ask me, it's hardly any, when used to help out the family of
one of the most principled people I've ever met. If you feel that
way too, then by all mean pay your "political prisoner bill," and
send a donation (made out to "Donna Clayton," not Tom) of whatever
you can afford (or whatever you can't) to the following address:

Donna Clayton
202 N Vesper Bend Circle
The Woodlands, TX 77382

History is full of people who were persecuted for standing up for
the truth, who were later vindicated...a few hundred years later. I
hope (and I expect) that Dr. Tom will be vindicated a lot more
quickly than that, but in the meantime, let's do what we can to
help make things a bit easier on him, whether it be in the form of
words of encouragement to him, financial help for his family, or


Larken Rose