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Truth versus Consequence

(originally launched into cyberspace on 03/28/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

Did arguing that the earth goes around the sun (and not vice versa)
"work" for Galileo? Well, it got him thrown in prison. He got in
trouble for saying it. So maybe we should all try out a new theory.
Maybe the sun and the earth both go around the moon. Yeah, let's
believe that! My cousin Fred said that, and they DIDN'T throw him
in prison, so it must be right!

Let us not confuse TRUTH with CONSEQUENCE. I am forever hearing
people telling me about things that (supposedly) "work" against the
IRS. "Hey, this guy got a huge refund when he filed a claim based
on [fill in the blank]!" That's nice, but it proves absolutely
nothing. When people were getting huge refunds filing claims for
refund relying on the 861 evidence, I was begging people NOT to
cite it as proof of anything. Lots of refunds have also been issued
for things like "slave reparations" claims, too, to the tune of
well over a HUNDRED MILLION dollars.

Getting a refund doesn't mean that the claim was based on something
legally valid. It demonstrates only that most claims are processed
as filed without being scrutinized. I bet if 1,000 people filed for
claims, and gave the reason "Because Section 12,345 says that my
income is exempt," a bunch of them would get refunds. (I highly
suggest NOT doing this, since you might also get prosecuted for

Many people are, understandably, eager for some magic trick which
will free them from the IRS's evil clutches. And there is an
endless stream of people claiming to have that magic trick...for a
fee. And there is an endless stream of people who have learned the
hard way that those magic tricks don't always work.

If you lived in a city ruled by the Mafia (the non-government kind,
I mean), would there be any magic words you could say which would
keep their collection thugs from your door? No. You might find a
way to go unnoticed--and if so, good for you. But there are no
magic words which make thieves into nice people. Why would anyone
think there would be?

For years now people have constantly asked me, "Okay, so I don't
owe the tax, but what do I DO about it?" And, to the frustration of
many, I would answer, "Beats me." I'm not pretending to have a
solution, and I even warned people to NOT do what I did. My aim now
is to have people at least know the truth of what is being done to
them. Some people inexplicably seem to think that that also gives
me an obligation to save them from it. Um, it doesn't.

If I tell you that someone is breaking into your car, that doesn't
obligate me to find a way to stop him. If I tell you that someone
took your purse, it's not my responsibility to get it back for you
(though I would if I could). Likewise, when I talk about how to
determine what you owe, and demonstrate that you're being lied to
and defrauded by your own government, that doesn't make it MY job
to save you from the IRS. Yes, I wish there was a guaranteed, easy
way to stop the injustice, but there isn't.

If you want pre-packaged salvation, don't look to me. (In fact, run
the other way from anyone who claims he can sell you sure-fire, pre-
packaged salvation.) First, I would highly suggest you learn the
truth, which is something you have to do for yourself (thanks to
all the misinformation competing with the facts). Trouble is,
hardly anyone seems to want to. They want someone to follow, some
theory to subscribe to (without bothering to research it), some
savior to rely upon.

As I said, if someone manages to avoid getting robbed in an
individual case, or gets back some of what was stolen from him, I
won't complain. But if people would spend a little more time trying
to understand the truth for themselves, instead of starting by
asking "So how do I get out of paying?," the fraud would have died
long ago.

A few people have implied, or come right out and said, that what I
say is worthless because I went to prison. If you think that
logically follows, then feel free to unsubscribe from this list.
(And if you happen to be Christian, throw away your Bible, because
a good portion of it was written in prison; and of course, Jesus
didn't fair very well for what he said, either.)

I said long before my trial, and afterwards, what Voltaire said:
It's dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. I don't
pretend to have a "solution" to it, other than a hope that if
everyone understood what was being done to them, a lot of people
would get angry enough to STOP it. Until then, my goal is to spread
the evidence of the biggest financial fraud in history, for
whomever wants it.


Larken Rose

(* It could be argued that theft via fiat currency is at least as
big a financial fraud as the income tax, but I would disagree for
one reason: It was done in the open. The fact that people don't
understand how the process robs them is unfortunately, but the
Federal Reserve is very open about the fact that it fabricates
"dollars" out of thin air. If someone said, "Want to buy absolutely
nothing for $1,000?," and you AGREED, would that count as you being
defrauded? I think not. I'm not saying that what the Fed does isn't
evil and devious, but it has done it openly, knowing people would
be too dense to see anything wrong with it.)

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