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Roving Anarchist Alert! (IN, MO, NM, TX, FL, NC)

Dear Subscriber,

Over the years I've gotten lots of e-mails saying, "If you're ever
in my area, let me know!" Well, next month I will be DRIVING from
Pennsylvania to Arizona (and back), to attend the Freedom Summit.
(I don't fly the fascist skies anymore.) And if there is any
demand, I thought I'd might as well make some little stops along
the way, to say hi to various groups of random extremists, give a
talk, have a chat, sell a book, whatever. The way things stand now,
these are the nights I could be available, and where (exact
locations are flexible):

February 10th (Monday): Indiana
February 11th (Tuesday): Missouri
February 13th (Thursday): New Mexico

February 18th (Tuesday): Texas (eastern end)
February 19th (Wednesday): Florida (panhandle)
February 20th (Thursday): North Carolina

I doubt I'll be doing talks/meetings at all of those, but if any of
those dates and places work for you, and you want to get together a
few folk for me to talk to, I don't go cross-country very often.
Yes, I'm hoping to sell a few books, or beg pitifully for spare
change, to help with gas money along the way, but other than that
the group does not need to be big, nor do I need to be paid just to
show up. (On my last trip, some of the best discussions were among
groups of four or five, although fifty or sixty is fun, too.) It
may be years--or forever--before I pass through the area again. So
if you want me to stop by, rant and rave, offend some people,
and/or have a pleasant chat, let me know.

Larken Rose
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