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"Operation Outlaw" (formerly Secret Project)


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. Operation Outlaw (formerly "Secret Project")

The reason there are seven billion statists on this planet is not
because those people used evidence and reason to choose slavery
over freedom; it's because the mental cage of authoritarianism is
all they'e ever known, and all they've ever heard of. So they
perpetually play the pointless game of bickering over what flavor
of ruling class there should be, and never get anywhere near
understanding or achieving real freedom.

For centuries there have been "radicals" advocating actual freedom
(and I don't mean the "slavery lite" known as "minarchism"), and
yet most people are still completely oblivious to those ideas. This
isn't because the advocates of true freedom have been lacking in
sound arguments, or lacking in good intentions, or lacking in
passion. If anything, it is because advocates of freedom have been
lacking in an understanding of human psychology and propaganda. The
message was sound; the delivery mechanism was lacking.

A minority of the population actually enjoys thinking,
philosophizing, pondering ideas and concepts, logically debating
viewpoints, and so on. But most people just want to live their
lives, be comfortable, avoid trouble, and don't want to have to
think or care about whatever is wrong with the world. And when
truth-seekers try to wake up crowd-followers, the truth-seekers
often feel as though they're talking to a brick wall--all of their
passion, reason and enthusiasm, just seems to scare away the
"normal" people, more often than it makes them think about
anything. So the truth-seekers get frustrated and discouraged, and
the crowd-followers get annoyed.

One major obstacle is that it takes too much effort to actually
UNDERSTAND things, so crowd-followers usual prefer to just BELIEVE
things instead. Instead of logically and objectively analyzing
different things they hear, usually they just base their beliefs on
how the MESSENGERS look and sound. If a politician or pundit SOUNDS
sincere, LOOKS attractive, and comes across as confident, polished,
well-dressed, educated and informed, then it hardly matters at all
whether his message has any truth or reason to it. In contrast,
even the most brilliantly explained ideas will be ignored by most
people, if they are delivered by a messenger who does not look
attractive, professional, respectable, and so on. Everywhere you
look, statism is being preached by rock stars, movie stars, all
manner of celebrities and people in power, and other attractive,
seemingly important, respectable people. On the other hand, freedom
is often preached by dorky middle-aged white guys ranting for hours
on end at cheap webcams in their basements (like me). Guess which
one the crowd-followers usually side with.

I have long believed--and I've heard lots of other people say--that
the MESSAGE of self-ownership, the non-aggression principle, a
stateless society, and so on, is a great message, but we need a
better MESSENGER to deliver it to the rest of the world. Well, for
the past couple of months, I've been working with someone who I
believe can be that messenger, and has the potential to reach
millions more people than I ever could on my own, and more than
almost anyone else I know could reach.

Her name is Josie, and for the project we've been working on--and
even in her daily life--she proudly wears the label of "Outlaw."
(The use of that term is actually a lot more significant than just
a nickname, but I'll explain that elsewhere.) Now, the goal here is
NOT to have one more person preaching to the choir, but to make
something that truth-seekers can throw at the rest of the world, to
try to get more of the "non-choir" folk to start thinking about
things. You can find the new web site, and the four new videos
already posted there, at I think the
appearance and presentation of the videos is a lot better than
anything I've done before, and not JUST because it's Josie
delivering the message instead of me (though that obviously helps …
a lot).

Some people around the Philadelphia area will already know Josie
from local activist groups and events, but I'm thrilled that I
happened to meet her before she got very well-known (which I think
was destined to happen) and even more thrilled that she agreed to
do this project with me. And Josie is not just a pretty face. Far
from it. I have been hugely impressed by how perceptive and
intelligent she is, and how quickly she got to the point of really
understanding true freedom, not the "slavery lite" that I often
bash. (I'm only slightly embarrassed that she went through the
process so much faster than I did.) More importantly, achieving
freedom and justice--for everyone, everywhere--isn't just a fun
part-time hobby for her; it's what her life is about. And Josie is
NOT the type of person who is after fame and attention for herself.
In fact, she doesn't like being in the spot light, but is willing
to take on that role if it helps combat tyranny, which I very much
think it will. Unlike some in the "movement," she knows the
difference between message and messenger, and knows which one
really matters.

But the best message in the world is worthless, if it's not being
seen or heard by anyone. The purpose of making these videos is to
get the ideas of voluntarism and self-ownership to the seven
billion people out there who have never heard of it. But for that
to happen, we need YOU forwarding the videos around to everyone you
know, friend or foe, freedom activist or devout statist. So watch
the videos, and then see if you can think of any reason why you
SHOULDN'T spread them around, far and wide. The four new videos can
be found at the following links:

"On Being An Outlaw"

"When Resistance Becomes Duty"

"Message to Police"

"Why Good People Should Be Armed"

And if, after watching the videos, you see the potential that I
see, then Josie and I would love it if you could help us keep
making them. We already have several more videos planned, and I
doubt we'll run out of new ideas any time soon--if ever--but we
can't keep doing it without the help of others. If you know of any
more cost-effective way to spread the ideas of self-ownership,
voluntarism, etc., to the rest of the world, then go support that
instead. But nothing I've ever done before has anywhere near the
potential to spread the message of true freedom as far as this
could. Both Josie and I would love nothing more than to be able to
focus our time and energy on creating and pushing this message--in
fact, we both think that it's the most important thing in the world
right now. If you think so too, any help you could give would be
greatly appreciated.

The bottom of the new website ( shows how
you can support this project. PayPal donations can also be made
directly to ""This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." and Bitcoin donations can
be sent directly to 14XjgAJD2zBPNF6cgBPvPfd4MoxRg4bZfD

Enjoy the videos, and if you deem them worthy, spread them far and

Larken Rose
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.