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Homework Extension Request

Dear Subscriber,

The "secret project" I've been working on is going really well, but
just hit a glitch. I've been working non-stop on the project for
many weeks now, and thanks to the funding from the people on this
list, we're well over halfway to being ready to publicly launch the
thing. I intentionally have NOT been paid anything for the work
I've been doing on the project. The finances of this project, and
my own finances, are completely separate. However, if the funding
ran out a little before we "launched," something was supposed to
happen with my own finances which would have allowed me to
personally cover the expenses for a few more weeks, to get the
project finished and out there. Well, that "something" at my end
just failed pretty drastically, and if nothing changes, in a couple
weeks the project will run out of funding, and I won't have the
means to fund the rest myself.

No matter what happens, one way or another this project WILL be
completed, and it will be done right. And I am NOT asking for money
for me and Tessa. We'll somehow deal with our own situation and
survive. But I do have to ask, as much as I hate to, for a
"homework extension" to get this project done, and done right. I
know some of you told me that if the project needed more funding, I
should ask. Well it does, so I'm asking.

To be specific, I think about another $2,000 should cover
everything we need to finish this--and again, NONE of that goes to
me personally. (If each person on my e-mail list chipped in 50
CENTS, we'd be all set.) Now, two grand is a whole lot of money (to
me, anyway), but to produce this project properly, if we had done
it any way OTHER than how we're doing it, it would have cost over
ten times what it has so far--which means it never would have
happened at all. I believe in this project enough that I've been
donating most of my waking hours to it for many weeks now. And I am
NOT asking anyone else for actual donations; again, the deal is
that for every $50 you chip in, you get back $60 after the project
has been publicly released. If you want to help out with this
"homework extension," so we can get this thing done right, and get
it out there as soon as possible, you can support it via PayPal by
sending to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." or by old fashioned mail at the
address below, and now by Bitcoin, by sending to:


However you send it, if you include a note saying "JO," then I'll
know it's for this project. I'm really excited about this project,
and its potential to get the message of true freedom to a LOT more
people than have heard it so far. So thank you to all those who
have helped out.


Larken Rose
P.O. Box 653
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

(P.S. I will soon post an updated listed of donors to the project,
just INITIALS and amounts. On the last list, contributions received
on 8/18 and 8/19 were MISSING from the list I posted. That wasn't
because we didn't receive the funds; it's because I botched up the
record keeping a bit. So A.S., J.A., and a couple others, YES, we
received and have recorded your generous support, despite it not
showing up on that first list. Sorry about that.)