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Two Weeks! = E.T.M. (CO)

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. Two Weeks! = "Escaping the Myth" (Colorado)

The "Escaping the Myth" event set to happen in Westminster,
Colorado is now only two short weeks away. I'm sure a good salesman
wouldn't admit this, but the response so far has been somewhat
timid. I think people on my list, or people familiar with what I
do, probably have a hard time imagining that I could spend a whole
day with "normal" people, introducing them to paradigm-smashing
concepts, without offending, insulting or enraging anyone. (After
all, OUTSIDE of "Escaping the Myth," I certainly have offended,
insulted and enraged more than my fair share of people. And I'm not
sorry about it.)

Again, I especially want the proverbial "choir members" to bring
people to this event who seem impossible to get through to, who
seem like nothing will ever change their minds, who seem completely
incapable of objectively examining their philosophical assumptions
at all. In other words, the people you think are LEAST likely to
get anything out of the event, are the ones I MOST want you to
bring along. With that in mind, I'm expanding my money-back deal:
If you bring along a "normal" person--someone still anywhere on the
mainstream political spectrum (left, right, whatever)--and the
event doesn't change his view of things, I'll give BOTH of you your
money back. So hey, even if he doesn't learn a dang thing, you'll
get to go for free!

I know this sounds like I'm claiming to have found a way to do the
impossible. And, being a human being myself (more or less), I'm
quite familiar with the tendency to not believe people who say
they've accomplished something impossible. It took me sixteen years
of dealing with "normal" people to come up with this approach, and
it's unlike anything I've seen anyone else do, and unlike anything
I've done before either. I like ranting, and I like arguing, but
"Escaping the Myth" is not that at all.

In the past few months, I've had lots and lots of people tell me
that my book, "The Most Dangerous Superstition," drastically
changed their view of reality, and many have specifically said that
it's the most important book they've ever read. Well, I think
"Escaping the Myth" is, in many ways, a far better "eye-opener"
than TMDS. But of course, it can help open someone's eyes only if
that someone attends the event. I can't make your family and
friends come to "Escaping the Myth," but if you can find a way to
make that happen, both of you get your money back if the event
doesn't significantly change the way they see the world.

Unfortunately, the first "Escaping the Myth" I did (in Michigan)
was mostly to the proverbial choir, and I failed to get the e-mail
addresses of the few "normal" people they brought along. So mostly
my follow-up questions were to people more or less already on the
same page, making the results not entirely useful. However, it is
still worth mentioning that, of all the people I asked about the
event afterwards, they all agreed that: 1) the event was perfectly
comfortable and non-confrontational through-out; 2) they would
encourage others to attend, and in fact; 3) they couldn't think of
anyone they WOULDN'T recommend attend the event (though a couple
said they weren't sure how certain people might respond). And of
those mostly on the same page already, most of them said it helped
them clarify their understanding of things, and gave them ways to
better get others to understand things.

As for the few "normal" people there--people who still had at least
some residue of the common "political" paradigm--I can report what
I saw, though you might suspect me of being a biased reporter.
There was no hostility and no argument at all during the event.
There were a couple heated discussions during the breaks, but I can
hardly ban attendees from arguing with each other in their spare
time. During the five sessions of the event there was none of that.
I only emphasize what DIDN'T happen (arguing, stress,
confrontation, anger) because I know that expecting those things
would be a big factor in whether I'd want to bring a statist I know
to some other event.

So the worst case scenario is that you bring someone along, he
closes his eyes and plugs his ears through the whole thing, no one
gets offended or insulted, and both of you get your money back
(even if you did get something out of it). To me, that doesn't
sound like a huge risk to take. And anything better than the worst
case scenario--for example, your friend can suddenly talk to you
about stuff without having emotional tantrums--ought to be well
worth your $60. As a final salesman trick, I'll say this: if you
live in Colorado and MISS this one, and then hear from other people
how great it was, well, you'll be poop out of luck, because I don't
expect to be in Colorado again any time soon, if ever. This is
probably where I'm supposed to say "ACT NOW!" and stuff like that,
but instead I'll just give you the website where you can get
tickets for "Escaping the Myth":


Larken Rose
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