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New Hampshire? Hello?

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Dear Subscriber,

Well, that was odd. I asked about doing an "Escaping the Myth"
event up in New Hampshire, and got almost no response. What makes
it odd is that when I was talking about doing the one in Michigan
(which already happened), a bunch of people in and around New
Hampshire said they wanted one to happen up there, too. When I said
there would be one, they went quiet. What gives? I was thinking I
might do one, maybe on Saturday, August 25, in Lancaster, NH, where
Porcfest happens. Or maybe not.

Maybe if I start talking about the one in Florida, then people in
New Hampshire will respond. So... I'm hoping to present "Escaping
the Myth" down in Florida some time in September, probably around
Lakeland (between Tampa and Orlando). But I'd need to have some
idea how many people to expect, before I dare reserve a conference
room down there.


Larken Rose
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(P.S. Somehow I wouldn't be surprised if some people respond to
this message by saying, "You did one in Michigan, and I missed it?")