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Party in Philly (4/22)

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Dear Subscriber,

On April 22nd, in downtown Philadelphia, I will be giving a short
speech at an "End the Fed" event, right on the steps of the Federal
Reserve building there (though it will be closed that day),
starting at 11:00 a.m. Afterward, people will stroll right next
door to Independence Mall, right in front of where the Declaration
of Independence was signed, and have a rousing trouble-maker get-
together, headlined by none other than Ron Paul. For most of it,
I'll be hanging around a table selling books. If you want to stop
by, do. It should be fun to see many thousands of trouble-makers in
one place, even if many of them are still recovering statists. I'll
be doing what I can to nudge people further in the direction of
voluntaryism. Here's more info about the event:


Larken Rose
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