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Any Lawyer Experienced at Bivens Actions?


Dear Subscriber,

The saga of the IRS extortionist thieves harassing me continues--
and probably will until I'm dead, or the IRS is out of business.
For those not familiar with their most recent blatant lies and
illegal extortion, this video gives a summary:

A while back I requested a Collections Due Process hearing, and
they acknowledged receiving the request. After months, they just
sent me their template letter saying that they wouldn't give me a
CDP hearing, because my request was "frivolous." Again, this
obviously shows that they have me coded in a way that tells the IRS
leeches, "Deny this guy all due process!" NOTHING in this case had
anything to do with any legal theory or issue at all. The 861
evidence has NOTHING to do with this, and was never even mentioned.
The IRS just MADE UP that our subcontractors (from many years ago)
should have been treated as employees, and ever since, one office
after another has refused to meet with me, refused to give me any
due process at all, any opportunity to be heard, etc. It's
obviously NOT because of the actual issue, which is quite simple
and very common.

(If, for example, they told anyone ELSE that they should be
treating their subcontractors as employees, and the person said he
disagreed, the standard IRS response wouldn't be, "We refuse to
talk to you at any level, for any reason!" But that's what they've
been doing to me, at all levels, even the "Taxpayer Advocate," for
years, with their cookie-cutter responses obviously showing that my
IMF file is (illegally) coded to tell them to deny me any due

Anyway, to get to the point, it's probably time to do a Bivens
action against several specific agents, for blatantly, knowingly,
and intentionally depriving me of all Fifth Amendment due process
rights, under color of law. I could probably do the suit myself,
but I haven't done one before, and I don't really want to spend the
time and effort to figure out how to do the whole thing, and do it
right, without some technical mistake or omission messing it up.
Trouble is, I'm also really dang poor. But if there are any lawyers
out there, licensed in Pennsylvania, who would want to try it on a
contingency basis, I think it might actually succeed. This case is
such a simple, cut-and-dried case of blatant, ongoing,
comprehensive denial of due process, that I think even the most
brainwashed jury could see that something is horribly wrong. (I'm
assuming one can request a jury for a Bivens case, but that's a
guess.) So, if any PA-licensed lawyer out there wants a free shot
at the federal extortion racket, let me know.


Larken Rose
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