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Life Sentence for Being Honest

To those who haven't heard, Richard Simkanin just passed away, 
while still in the custody of the federal parasite class. As many
of you know, he was sentenced to seven years in a cage, by a
mentally unstable, god-complex fascist named John McBryde. (I had
the displeasure of witnessing the "judge's" delusional psychoses in
action at Richard's trial.) Richard's main "sin" was not
withholding taxes from his employees--who didn't actually owe

(If the employers of the country stopped acting as thieves on
behalf of the parasite class, it would be really difficult for the
federal extortion racket to continue, so the federal thieves really
wanted to make an example of Mr. Simkanin--to publicly hurt and
torture him in order to terrorize others into being obedient.)

After seven years in a cage for being open and honest, and sticking
to his principles, Mr. Simkanin got out. However, when he did not
report for the "supervised release" routine, the same psychopath
"judge" sentenced him to ANOTHER seven years in a cage. McBryde is
certainly not alone among control freaks in thinking that VIOLENCE
is the way to change people's minds, that torturing and inflicting
suffering on people is how to alter their beliefs. But with
Richard, it obviously didn't work. He left the world with few
worldly possessions, but with every scrap of his integrity intact.

People can endlessly debate Mr. Simkanin's legal theories and
tactics, and what he should or shouldn't have done. But right now,
we should all acknowledge that what he did do, all legal
technicalities aside, was to lay down his life for his friends. He
stood up for what he believed was right, and kept doing so through
torment and suffering. He acted as the antithesis of the
megalomaniacs who desire dominion over the rest of us. They could
not break Richard Simkanin, and they never did. The most they could
do was to kill him. And they did.

Everyone dies. Few still have their integrity fully intact when
they do. Richard was one of those few people. Ultimately, he gave
up everything to follow his conscience. May he forever rest in
peace, and may his courage serve as an example to others.


Larken Rose