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My Way-Better Half

Today, September 12, 2012, marks Tessa's and my twentieth
anniversary. For twenty years she has put up with being married to
an obsessive, messy, non-conformist trouble-maker, who would rather
rant about political philosophy than pick up his socks. And when,
after being married fourteen years, I managed to get her imprisoned
for a month (for being married to me), she didn't leave me. (Well,
she left me for a month, but you know what I mean.) When I did my
year as a political prisoner for not bowing to kiss the IRS ring,
she came and visited me. When my "hobby" of battling the federal
extortion racket got us robbed into poverty, she still didn't
abandon me. (Does that make her courageous, or just stupid? Hard to
say.) It can't be easy to be married to me--I certainly wouldn't
want to be married to me. But she never bailed out.

Tessa is brilliant and brave, not to mention beautiful. (She's been
thirty years old now for two decades, which is somewhat baffling.)
A lot of people throw around the phrase, "I couldn't have done it
without you." In this case, it's literally true. Not only does
Tessa have a big influence on my talks, my videos, and my books--
sometimes because she helps write them, and other times because she
gives her feedback and critique--but I literally can't imagine what
would have happened if she hadn't been with me for the past twenty
years. Those of us pitching true freedom to the world are often
plagued by feelings of frustration and being isolated, trying to
tell a truth to billions of people who don't want to hear it. If
Tessa hadn't been there, providing at least one reliable "kindred
spirit" I could count on, I don't know what would have happened. I
highly doubt it would have been good.

So far, I've been a mediocre provider (at best), hopefully a half
decent husband and father, but have done things which brought down
the wrath of control freaks on my family. However, while keeping
your head down may keep you out of trouble today, if none of the
good people do anything other than keeping their heads down, the
world becomes a very unpleasant place to live very quickly. So
while I regret what I've put my family through, I'm also proud of
what we have accomplished. On my videos, and when I give talks,
it's usually my ugly mug you see. (We all know that Tessa's face
would be a drastic improvement, but it's hard to convince her to do
such things.) But there is no way I'd still be doing this, and no
way I would have accomplished much of anything, if I had been alone
in this. And there aren't very many who would have dared to stay on
this journey with me.

I am ridiculously, unjustifiably lucky to have Tessa's support.
I've seen lots and lots of guys who decided to fight for freedom,
only to be abandoned, or even attacked, by "significant others" who
valued temporary security over long-term freedom and justice. It's
somewhat understandable, but also depressing to see those few who
are willing to fight for freedom being left out to dry by everyone
around them. If Tessa had been the kind of person to do that, I
doubt I would have accomplished much of anything in the last twenty
years. In fact, I'm not even sure I'd still be alive.

Anyway, I could rant on and on about how awesome Tessa is, in many
different ways, but you get the general idea. And if you want to
send Tessa your thanks, or support, or sympathies, or condolences,
for putting up with me for two freaking decades (holy smokes!), you
can send her stuff (by way of me) at the address below. If you're
at all thankful for anything I've ever done, then thank Tessa,
because little or none of it would have happened without her.


Larken Rose
P.O. Box 653
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

COLORADO: Escaping the Myth (Oct. 6th) !


. .
. Colorado: "Escaping the Myth" (Oct. 6th)

Well, it took a while, but we finally have a date and place for an
"Escaping the Myth" event in Colorado. I know this is pretty late
notice, but we only just got the details figured out. For anyone
anywhere near there, I have no idea when I'll get to Colorado
again, so this may be your one and only chance to attend this
event. It will happen on Saturday, October 6, in Westminster,
Colorado (between Boulder and Denver). This time it will all happen
in one day, but it's an all-day event: starting at 9:00 a.m. and
ending around 9:00 p.m. It consists of five sessions, with big
breaks in between.

Again, it's hard to fully explain exactly what the event covers,
and what attendees will learn. (If I could do that in a couple
sentences, the event wouldn't take a whole day.) But I will say
this: I have never seen anyone (including me) do anything that
comes close to this event in terms of getting "normal" people--
people still stuck in the mainstream "political" paradigm
(Democrat, Republican, whatever)--to recognize and give up the
irrational and dangerous contradictions that underly the
"political" beliefs of almost everyone.

Obviously, the concepts of self-ownership, the non-aggresison
principle, and voluntaryism are not new. But, as many of us have
seen first hand, trying to introduce "normal" people to such
concepts--ideas that don't match their preconceived assumptions and
paradigms--tends to make people unreceptive, defensive, even
hostile. What should be a rational, intellectual discussion often
quickly deteriorates into an emotional argument. This is something
that those who advocate true liberty often run up against. As a
result, they often give up, and proclaim, "This guy just won't
listen, refuses to questions his assumptions, and will never change
his mind!"

That guy (or girl) is exactly who "Escaping the Myth" is for. The
event was carefully designed to completely avoid and bypass
confrontation and argument, to show that what every "normal" person
really wants is actually at odds with his OWN "political" beliefs.
In other words, though this is over-simplifying a bit, whereas most
freedom advocates send a message along the lines of "What you are
advocating goes against what I believe in," "Escaping the Myth"
sends the message--and thoroughly proves it--"What you are
advocating goes against what YOU believe in." In other words,
instead of a clash between opinions, the event politely and non-
confrontationally shows people how and why all mainstream
"politics" has inherent contradictions, and how it always ends up
going against the moral codes and values of those involved, no
matter how zealous and righteous they may feel in their political

Again, any description I attempt to give of the event will hugely
understate its importance and effectiveness. One reason I'm making
it only $60--which, for an all-day event is ridiculously
inexpensive--is so people can't use the expense as an excuse not to
go. In fact, if at the end an attendee says the event didn't change
how he sees the world, he gets his money back--no questions, no

It has taken me about sixteen years of talking to people about
these things--with many success stories, if I may say so--to
understand not only the principles involved, but what it is about
human psychology that often gets in the way of people understanding
and embracing what should be an obviously beneficial concept:
universal freedom and peaceful coexistence. Of course, I can't make
all your friends and family go to the event. But if you do that
part, I bet I can do something you didn't think was possible.
Again, while I think even the proverbial "choir" would get a lot
out of this, I really, really, really, really want people to make
an effort to bring along one or two "normal" people, because that
is who this event is really for, and those are the people it can do
the most good for.

Tickets should be available on the web site soon, but right now I'm
just telling THIS LIST about it first. If you want to order tickets
now, they're $60 each. Payment can be sent via PayPal to
"This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." or by cash, check, or money order, to the
address below. Now, because of the interactive nature of the event,
there may only be FORTY seats available at the event (hopefully
50), so don't dawdle. Again, I doubt this is going to happen again
in the Colorado area any time soon--if ever.


Larken Rose
P.O. Box 653
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

"Kicking the Dragon" in ePub

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Dear Subscriber,

Okay, I'm pretty clueless about e-book stuff, but I had several
people say they would want the epub version of "Kicking the
Dragon," but not the Kindle version. While we work on making it so
people can order either on the web site, I'm expanding my deal,
just to THIS e-mail list: If you want the epub version of "Kicking
the Dragon," fling me $5 and I'll e-mail it to you. (It's an 8.6 MB
file.) You can fling $5 at me through PayPal, at
"This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." or via "snail mail" at the address below.
But remember to specify WHICH FORMAT you want, because now I have
"mobi" (for Kindle) and "epub" available.

Larken Rose
P.O. Box 653
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

"Kicking the Dragon" for Kindle

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Dear Subscriber,

The book about my own "adventures" with the federal extortion
racket, titled "Kicking the Dragon (Confessions of a Tax Heretic),"
is finally in e-book form. It's not up on the web site, or on
Amazon yet, but I thought I'd start by using the low-tech method,
and offer to e-mail it anyone who wants to fling $5 at me. Now, I
know very little about e-book stuff, and don't have a reader
myself, but right now I'm just offering an "MOBI" file of the book,
for Kindle readers.

Those of you who THINK you're pretty much familiar with my case
(but haven't read "Kicking the Dragon"), you probably know about a
tenth of the story. Those of you who think you know the whole story
might know half of it. I will say, a lot of people--especially me--
have trouble reading the book, only because it's so damn
infuriating to see the U.S. "justice system" as it really is, as
compared to the inaccurate garbage we're taught about it in school.

I put the book together while I was in prison, and went to great
lengths to include actual quotes from meetings, letters, my trial,
and everything else, so you can see exactly what happened every
step of the way. Even though the case, and my trial, had to do with
a "legal" issue--which ultimately is meaningless politician-
scribble--a LOT of people who followed the story have said that it
helped them start opening their eyes to the reality of what
"government" is, and how it functions.

Obviously, the story doesn't exactly have a happy ending, or I
wouldn't have had to write the book in prison. But it's definitely
an eye-opener, and despite the inherently unpleasant nature of the
topic (tax law and caging people), I tried to keep most of it light
and flippant. But if you have a pulse, then at least a dozen times
while reading the book, you'll be proclaiming, "They said WHAT?!
They did WHAT?!"

The book has been out of print for years, because with the complete
story, and the relevant appendices, the thing is 488 pages long,
which meant that to print it in hard copy, I had to sell it for way
too much. Now, for the first time in over a decade, I'm making the
gruesome tale publicly available again. It will soon be on
www.larkenrose.com and probably Amazon.com, but right now I'm just
sending this message to THIS e-mail list.

Again this is just for the "MOBI" file, which Kindles read. If you
want to fling me $5, via PayPal to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.," or via
"snail mail" to the address below, then I'll e-mail you the file
(which is about 12.5 MB).

Larken Rose
P.O. Box 653
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

Mayhem! (CO, FL, GA & AL)

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Dear Subscriber,

Sorry, didn't mean to alarm you with the title. My life has been
mayhem, and I'm only just now starting to get a slight grip on
reality again... well, I'm not sure about the "again" part. I had
to push back my plans for doing "Escaping the Myth" in Florida, and
in the Georgia/Alabama area. Trying to do them next month was a
little too optimistic. Anyway, now that the reprintings of my books
have been figured out, I can declare a more realistic plan. So
here's what I'm hoping to do, and I hope to get some response from
you folks.

1) I hope to be putting on a ONE-day version of "Escaping the Myth"
in Boulder or Denver, Colorado, on Saturday, October 6th. It's only
weird luck that I'll be in Colorado at all, and I have no idea when
I'd be back that way again. So the question is, if I do an
"Escaping the Myth" in the area on October 6th, with a flat price
of $60 for the whole-day event, who will come? You don't have to
commit now, but I'm hoping to get some idea of whether it will be
worth it to try it. (Below is a summary of what "Escaping the Myth"
is all about, if you don't already know.)

2) I WILL be speaking at Libertopia this year, which happens in San
Diego from October 11 to the 14th. I don't actually know what day
I'm speaking, but I will be there. See libertopia.org for more info.

3) Assuming I make it back alive from Libertopia, I want to do TWO
"Escaping the Myth" events, probably on October 27th and November
3, one around the middle of Florida, and one halfway between
Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL. But again, I need to see what level
of interest there would be.

For those who haven't heard, "Escaping the Myth" is a five-session,
interactive event (like a seminar, but less boring), specifically
designed for people who do NOT already obsess about philosophy,
politics, etc. It's the most relaxed, non-confrontation, non-
stressful thing I've ever seen anyone do (including me, before now)
to help "normal" people re-examines their assumptions,
superstitions and paradigms.

I confess that so far I've done a crumby job of giving details of
the results of the first one (which happened up in Michigan), which
I think went great. When I asked the people who went to it, NONE of
them felt at all uncomfortable, or attacked, or defensive at the
event, which, if you ask me, is quite an accomplishment,
considering the fact that the entire purpose is to demolish
paradigms, assumptions and superstitions. If you're thinking,
"Nothing will ever get my friend, [fill-in-name], to think about
these things without freaking out," then [fill-in-name] is EXACTLY
who "Escaping the Myth" was made for. Of course, people who HAVE
thought about such things will get a lot out of it, too. And if you
come along AND bring your friend, [fill-in-name], I think you'll be
quite pleased with the results. Anyway, I can rant more about the
event later, but for now I just want to start to get an idea of how
many people to expect at the Colorado, Florida, and Georgia/Alabama
events. So let me know.


Larken Rose
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TMDS, Second Edition

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Dear Subscriber,

After a few finishing touches, the SECOND EDITION of "The Most
Dangerous Superstition" will be printed. And it will be just in
time, since I'm down to my last few copies of the first edition.
Now the challenge is paying for the next printing (gack). Life has
been so "hand to mouth" for months that I have a grand total of
ZERO saved for the next printing of the book. What makes that even
more annoying is that the price per book drops dramatically when
printing a bigger batch. The more books get printed at once, the
less each book costs. What makes that sad is that that means, the
less money you can spend, the more the books cost (per book). Gack!

Orders have been picking up a lot recently, which is encouraging,
but that doesn't help much if I don't have books to sell. I also
don't want to have another debt, to anyone. And I don't expect one
person to come up with the thousands necessary to do a decent sized
printing. So this is a preliminary message, to see who might be
interested in the following deal:

1) You buy a number of cases of books--whether it's one case or 100
cases--at the printing price.
2) I buy them back from you, a case at a time, at a price 33%
higher than the printing price.

So, for example, if it costs $3 a book to print them, I buy them
from you at $4 a book. (Since there are 72 books in a case, that
would mean you buy a case for $216, and I buy it from you for $288,
so you make $72 profit on a case.) Now, I can't exactly guarantee
an exact buy-back timeline, but the first 3,000 copies are about
gone after about a year and a half, and the rate of orders has been
considerably higher recently than it was last year. So I would
expect you'd be making 33% in less than a year, which I think is a
pretty good deal. (Some people would make it a lot faster, if I buy
their cases back first; at the current rate, someone will be making
33% profit in a couple weeks.)

Again, the more people who do this, the more books I can have
printed this time. And the more I have printed, the lower the cost
per book. Don't send any money yet, but if you might want in on the
deal, let me know, and give me a guess of how much you're looking
to invest (somewhere between $200 and $20,000), and I'll give you a
specific offer. Again, this has to happen pretty dang soon--like,
within a few days--because I'm almost out of books.


Larken Rose
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.