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MISSOURI, NM and NC confirmed! (from Larken)


Dear Subscriber,

Well, by some miraculous "anarchy-style" event scheduling, we're
all set for a get-together TOMORROW night in St. Louis, Missouri,
and on THURSDAY night in Albuquerque, New Mexico (and in North
Carolina a week later). Oh, PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you plan on
attending (my e-mail is below), because seating is limited. (With
this late notice, I doubt it will be a problem anyway, but better
safe than sorry.) Here are the details:

1) Tuesday (Feb 11) starting at 7:00 p.m.

Kirkwood Community Center,
111 S. Geyer Road (Room 302)
Kirkwood, MO (west side of St. Louis).

2) Thursday (Feb 13) starting at 7:00 p.m.

Papa Felipe's
9800 Menaul Blvd NE,
Albuquerque, NM 87112

3) Thursday (Feb 20) starting at 7:00 p.m.

NC State University
Riddick Hall (Room 315)
2401 Stinson Drive.
Raleigh, North Carolina

Thanks so much to my co-conspirators, who really did all the work
making these events happen (while I was trying to recover from
being a powerless caveman).

Larken Rose
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Roving Anarchist Disaster

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Dear Subscriber,

Well, while I was supposed to be planning a multi-city speaking
tour, I have had no power for the last four days. Yippee. So this
is turning into quite a disaster. I do NOT have the means to
organize much of anything right now (other than "organizing" not
freezing to death), so unless other people plan get-togethers, they
won't happen.

I will update the notes in the video linked below, as I figure out
the details of where I will be stopping on my way to Freedom Summit
in Arizona.


Here is how things stand at the moment:

1) TOMORROW night (Monday, February 10th), PROBABLY a little get-
together in northeastern INDIANA.

2) Tuesday (Feb 11th) night, MAYBE in Missouri--probably
Springfield or St. Louis, maybe neither.

3) Thursday (Feb 13th) PROBABLY in ALbuquerque, NM.

Freedom Summit: Phoenix, AZ Feb 14, 15, 16

4) Feb 18th (Tue) MAYBE around Houston, TX

5) Feb 20th (Thu) DEFINITE at State University in Raleigh, NC

Again, I'll post details on the above-linked video, when I have
them (and when I have internet access again).


Who Owns You?

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Dear Subscriber,

Here is a short crash course in self-ownership, from Josie the
Outlaw. Can you think of any good reason NOT to send this to all
the statists you know?


Larken Rose
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Roving Anarchist Alert! (IN, MO, NM, TX, FL, NC)

Dear Subscriber,

Over the years I've gotten lots of e-mails saying, "If you're ever
in my area, let me know!" Well, next month I will be DRIVING from
Pennsylvania to Arizona (and back), to attend the Freedom Summit.
(I don't fly the fascist skies anymore.) And if there is any
demand, I thought I'd might as well make some little stops along
the way, to say hi to various groups of random extremists, give a
talk, have a chat, sell a book, whatever. The way things stand now,
these are the nights I could be available, and where (exact
locations are flexible):

February 10th (Monday): Indiana
February 11th (Tuesday): Missouri
February 13th (Thursday): New Mexico

February 18th (Tuesday): Texas (eastern end)
February 19th (Wednesday): Florida (panhandle)
February 20th (Thursday): North Carolina

I doubt I'll be doing talks/meetings at all of those, but if any of
those dates and places work for you, and you want to get together a
few folk for me to talk to, I don't go cross-country very often.
Yes, I'm hoping to sell a few books, or beg pitifully for spare
change, to help with gas money along the way, but other than that
the group does not need to be big, nor do I need to be paid just to
show up. (On my last trip, some of the best discussions were among
groups of four or five, although fifty or sixty is fun, too.) It
may be years--or forever--before I pass through the area again. So
if you want me to stop by, rant and rave, offend some people,
and/or have a pleasant chat, let me know.

Larken Rose
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Jury Nullification: Anarchy in Action!

Dear Subscriber,

For all the time I spend bashing various types of "political
action," there is one thing that almost counts as "working within
the system" that I do agree with: jury nullification. I finally got
around to making a short video about it, which is posted here:


The reason I finally got around to it is because a "Josie the
Outlaw" video was just posted on the same topic, which you can see


I think as an introduction to jury nullification for the general
public, hers is way better than mine. So feel free to spread it
around. (And feel free to go to the www.JosieTheOutlaw.com web site
to support the project, if you deem it worthy.)


Larken Rose
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One Week (Last Call)

Dear Subscriber,

When it comes to the issue of true freedom, which of these
statements applies to you?

1) "I like being in a small, exclusive group of people who
understand the truth, so we can have disdain for others."

2) "I want the world to understand this, so all the authoritarian
oppression, extortion and murder can end."

I suspect there are some people who, if they were honest, would
pick the first one. I hope it's not you. If you picked the second,
then please pay close attention to this message. After this, I
won't be sending any more updates on the new "Josie the Outlaw"
project to this list. It has now been exactly ONE WEEK since we
released the first four "Outlaw" videos. When we first launched,
people could theorize about how people MIGHT respond, and what the
effect MIGHT be. Now I can show you what DID happen.

In ONE WEEK, Josie has gotten over 200,000 video views. "Message to
Police" alone got over 100,000. Her YouTube channel already has
over 5,600 subscribers. (For comparison, my channel just topped
10,000 subscribers after 4.5 YEARS on YouTube; Josie is well over
halfway there after a WEEK.) And the vast majority of views and
comments are NOT coming from the proverbial "choir." And a lot of
people new to these ideas didn't merely like the videos, but are
excitedly spreading them around to others (and telling us that).
The comments and the likes-to-dislikes are hugely, overwhelmingly
positive--more so than I expected, in fact.

In short, when it comes to spreading the message of TRUE freedom
(self-ownership, non-aggression principle, and a stateless
society), nothing I have ever done has come anywhere near this
project. This isn't conjecture anymore. This is now the
statistically obvious reality. At the end of this message I'm
including a chart which shows my top-viewed videos of all time,
compared to the new "Josie the Outlaw" videos. Look carefully at
it, paying special attention to how long the videos have been up,
and then decide if this isn't something worth supporting. As I said
before we launched, we did NOT make these videos to preach to the
choir. So frankly, I don't really care if the videos are what YOU
want to see. You're not the problem. I care if they are what OTHER
people want to see. And they are; the numbers don't lie.

This is the last request I'll make to this list about this, but if
you want to support something that is ACTUALLY WORKING, now is the
time. If you haven't yet watched the videos yourself, the new web
site is:


And the donation/subscription page is:

Larken Rose
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- ----------------------------------
My own videos, compared to the new Outlaw videos (titles

Approx When
Views Posted Title

284,000 (2.5 years) The Tiny Dot
120,000 (4 years) I'm Allowed to Rob You
102,000 (1 week) ***MESSAGE TO POLICE***
76,000 (1.5 years) How To Be a Crook
66,000 (1.5 years) The Jones Plantation
64,000 (1 week) ***WHY GOOD PEOPLE SHOULD BE ARMED***
60,000 (1 year) When Should You Shoot a Cop?(*)
57,000 (2 years) Shooting Cops
50,000 (4 months) It Can't Happen Here
49,000 (2 years) If You Were King
43,000 (4 years) I Love My Country
31,000 (4.5 years) You're Not the Boss of Me! (part 1)
22,000 (1 week) ***ON BEING AN OUTLAW***
18,000 (1.5 years) Eek, an Anarchist! (Tessa)
18,000 (2.5 years) Tiny Dot Explained
17,000 (6 months) What Anarchy Isn't (Tessa)
16,000 (1 week) ***WHEN RESISTANCE BECOMES DUTY***
(Dozen of mine with fewer than 16,000 views are not listed.)

* The same video, posted on CopBlock a year ago, has 490,000 views.