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Some Random Things

(originally launched into cyberspace on 06/22/2008)

Dear Subscriber,

A few random things:

1) A few people, upon receiving their copy of "Kicking the Dragon"
(my new book), commented on how dang big it is. Yes, it's around
480 pages in all, but don't be scared. About 100 of that is the
appendixes: my entire updated "Taxable Income" report, and the
complete Motion to Suppress I filed shortly before my trial
(included for reasons the book explains). While I initially
imagined and intended something shorter than the end result, a 380-
page story, there was just too much absurd and infuriating stuff
that happened to make the story short. (And I wasn't about to make
it shorter by using microscopic text.) But I've been pleased with
the stories of people zooming through the thing in a couple days,
and agreeing that there wasn't really anything that should, or
could, have been left out. You'll definitely get your money's worth
with all the "meat" in this thing. And an added bonus is that, if
you want to persuade an IRS agent with the book, but the flood of
facts, quotes, and citations don't seem to do the trick, the book
doubles as an effective bludgeon. (Just kidding.)

2) Anyone who ordered an entire case of books should already have
it, or be getting it in the next day or two. If you could then send
payment to the address shown below (so I can pay my dang bills),
that would be great. A few of you already have, and I thank you.

3) Some time in July I'll be up in New Hampshire, and someone
suggested I do a little talk or something. If anyone would be
there, I'd be happy to. So if anyone has suggestions/requests about
WHERE in New Hampshire I should do it--i.e., where a few people
might show up--let me know.

4) As I said before, if you think you already know the whole story
of my adventures with the IRS and DOJ, you don't. Heck, even close
friends and family members, after reading "Kicking the Dragon," are
now telling me, "I didn't know that!" So if you think you know the
whole story, you might know half of it. Going to or sending $22 to the address below
will get you the other half.


Larken Rose
P.O. Box 653
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

(P.S. A couple weeks ago someone special ordered a dozen copies of
my new book ( and a copy of my
"Tyrant" book (, and then I managed to
lose all my contact info for him! I thought his name was "Cliff."
If you're him, please e-mail me! Everyone else, don't panic. All
other orders were received and filled without problem.)