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Slimeballism Confirmed

(originally launched into cyberspace on 02/02/2008)

Dear Subscriber,

Yes, it has been confirmed with certainty, the one calling Wesley
Snipes a "coward" at his press conference, just after the jury
verdict, was indeed David Cay "Goebbels" Johnston, propagandist and
blatant liar for the IRS, posing as a "reporter" for the New York
Times. For those who didn't see the video (which I don't see on the web site any more), here is the direct quote:

"Is he gonna talk? Is he a coward, or is he gonna talk? Wesley, you
gonna be a brave guy and step forward. You a coward? Hey, Wesley,
you a coward, or are you gonna talk?"

Hey, Mr. Johnston, when's the last time YOU stood up to a
superpower? And you call Mr. Snipes a coward? Nice neutral
"reporting" job there.

At my own trial, for which "Goebbels" Johnston only attended the
day of the verdict (which was obviously all that mattered to him),
as soon as the baseless verdict of "guilty" was read, Mr. Johnston
was trying to barge his way through our supporters, with a huge,
openly gleeful grin on his face, to ask me for a "comment." (He
didn't get one.) Now compare that to the obvious anger and hatred
he exhibited towards Mr. Snipes after he was acquitted of the most
serious charges against him. Come on, folks. How can anyone even
PRETEND that Mr. Johnston is a "reporter," rather than an outspoken
proponent of the federal extortion racket?

Heck, even people who LIKE him admit it. One tax law professor
called Mr. Johnston "the de facto chief tax enforcement officer of
the United States," and he didn't mean it as an insult. Here's the

Let's see: he constantly lies about the nature of the 861 evidence,
constantly insults and demonizes those who understand it, NEVER
tells his readers where to learn more about the issue (but mentions
the Quatloos slander-fest as an authority), rejoices with glee when
people are silenced or imprisoned for believing it, and shows
obvious anger and frustration when those who believe it DON'T

Yep, sounds like your basic New York Times reporter.

Hey, Mr. Johnston, the fascists whose butts you kiss have been
dodging questions about the 861 evidence for a DECADE, even when
THOUSANDS of hard-working Americans asked them. So why aren't you
calling those elitist bastards "cowards"? Does someone like Mr.
Snipes, a guy with actual guts--a "real man," as Mr. Bernhoft
accurately described him--have more of an obligation to answer the
questions of a dishonest hack like you, than our "public servants"
have to answer questions from those whom they are supposed to

You are a liar and a joke, Mr. Johnston, and despite your bogus
"Bulshitzer" prize for your pro-extortion spin and propaganda, the
world will one day know it.


Larken Rose

(P.S. For those who don't know, Joseph Goebbels was the Minister of
Propaganda for Adolf Hitler.)