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My Favorite Weasel?

(originally launched into cyberspace on 02/01/2008)

Dear Subscriber,

I'm really hoping SOMEONE on this list can answer a question for
me. I just saw a short video clip of Wesley Snipes and his
attorneys outside the federal courthouse in Ocala, just after the
jury announced its verdict (five "not guilty," and three
misdemeanor convictions). On the tape, someone is very plainly
badgering Mr. Snipes, asking if he will talk to the media, or if
he's a "coward." Mr. Snipes' attorney, Mr. Bernhoft, responds, and
calls the obnoxious heckler something like "Mr. Johnson." I REALLY
want to know, was that overtly angry, bitter, attack dog none other
than David Cay Johnston, propagandist and IRS mouthpiece for the
New York Times? I know Mr. Johnston really is that bitter and
angry, because I've experienced it in personal e-mails and phone
calls, but I can't imagine him losing it that badly in public,
where he usually manages to put up a half decent facade of being an
objective "reporter." So was that him? Someone must either have
been there, or can ask Mr. Bernhoft (who obviously recognized the
guy) about it. I'm dying to know.


Larken Rose