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Wesley Snipes Verdict

(originally launched into cyberspace on 02/01/2008)

Dear Subscriber,

Well, the verdict is in for the trial of Wesley Snipes. It's not a
simple guilty OR not guilty, though.

Mr. Snipes was charges with TWO felony violations having to do with
filing a supposedly false claim, trying to get money BACK he had
paid before. He was ACQUITTED of both of those charges.

He was also charged with six counts of misdemeanor "willful failure
to file." He was ACQUITTED on three of those charges, and CONVICTED
on the other three. At the moment, I have no idea why that would

The maximum sentence Mr. Snipes could receive is three years--a lot
better than the possible 16 he was initially facing.

At the same time, Doug Rosile and Eddie Kahn were convicted of the
felony counts, for helping prepare the claims for refund. That is a
horrendous injustice, but most people are only going to pay
attention to what happened to the famous guy.

Here is the government propaganda (I can't bring myself to call it
a "news story") as it appeared on the AOL "news" channel:

The article describes Rosile and Kahn as "a delicensed accountant
and a tax protest leader." The story goes on to say that Wesley
Snipes "used tax protest arguments long rejected by courts." How
nice of the Associated Press to pass off government press releases
as "news." (It's not a "tax protest argument"--it's what the law
SAYS.) The story then repeats the lie (mentioned in my prior post)
that Mr. Snipes "threatened the government and individual agents in
his pursuit." He did no such thing, or he would have been CHARGED
with that.

The story said that Eddie Kahn was involved in "tax scams" for
years, and said that Doug Rosile "allegedly prepared the fraudulent
documents for Snipes." Another bald-faced lie. A fraudulent
document is one which lies about the facts. Mr. Snipes' claims
didn't lie about anything; they were based on his understanding of
his legal requirements, and there is NOTHING "fraudulent" about

Forgetting to say "allegedly," or quoting federal thugs, the story
refers to "the dubious '861 argument.'" Then, showing how little
they care about the truth, the story said that the issue "refers to
Section 861 of the tax code, the law holds that foreign-source
wages of U.S. citizens are taxable." Section 861 is about DOMESTIC
income. It says NOTHING about foreign-source income of anyone. They
continue their mischaracterization of the issue with this: "But tax
protesters take that to mean only such income is subject to tax,
and no wages made in this country are." Wrong, wrong and wrong.
We're not "tax protestors," 861 isn't about foreign income, and the
argument is NOT that wages earned in this country are never
taxable. There wouldn't BE a Section 861 if income from sources
within the United States (including compensation earned here) was
never taxable.

With the media acting as blatant propagandists for the federal
extortion machine, it's no wonder the general public is so
clueless. Thankfully, someone on Mr. Snipes' jury had enough of a
brain to refuse to convict him of MOST of the charges. If only they
had brains enough to acquit on all of them.


Larken Rose