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Missed Opportunity? Maybe not.

(originally launched into cyberspace on 01/16/2008)

Dear Subscriber,

Yesterday I got a call from CNBC, to see if I could do an on-camera
interview for a few-minute segment about the Wesley Snipes trial.
As it happened, it wasn't possible for me to do it then. (I'm not
sure if the segment happened anyway.) In retrospect, I'm not
particularly sorry it didn't work out.

The other "guest" was going to be David Cay Johnston, IRS Minister
of Propaganda who writes for the New York Times. That in itself is
rather telling. Why would a "reporter" be on a show basically
playing the part of the pro-IRS advocate? Anyway, the segment was
to be only four minutes long, so the chances of getting anything
worthwhile in was slim to none anyway. Even a one-hour show is only
enough to scratch the surface, and that's if actual discussion is
allowed. Of course, Mr. Johnston would harp on the two things he
always harps on: 1) the government people who have ASSERTED that
the 861 evidence is wrong (or "frivolous"), and 2) what happens to
people who understand the issue and act accordingly. And he would
avoid like the plague the SUBSTANCE of the issue. (The number of
times Mr. Johnston has flip-flopped on the issue, both on his
description of the 861 evidence and his response to it, makes Mitt
Romney look consistent.)

I would have liked to have asked Mr. Johnston why it is that he has
NEVER, in any of the articles he has written about the 861
evidence, mentioned a web site where his readers could go to learn
more about the issue. He has, however, mentioned the establishment
stooges at "Quatloos," as if THAT substance-free slander-fest is a
respectable, reasonable web site.

In the end, I don't think the mainstream media will ever be the way
to get the truth out. They are about sound bites and
sensationalism, and keep their message simplistic enough for couch
potato America. The majority of mainstream media viewers consist of
unthinking doofuses like the ones who convicted me, and Tessa, and
Dr. Tom, and many others, based entirely on the argument that the
government "told us" we were wrong. Trying to get them to think
outside of the box is a lost cause, and I'm finished wasting effort
on that.

As for the people who CAN think for themselves, and who actually
care about things like evidence and logic--well, they probably
aren't wasting time watching the superficial propaganda that the
mainstream media tries to pass off as "news." So the truth will
just have to continue to crawl forward through the alternative
means of communication, like the internet. Of course the feds, with
the help of the courts, are trying to silence the truth there, too.

Speaking of which, I'm now off of "supervised release." I hope to
rebuild some of the perfectly protected free speech that was
formerly on web sites like and,
before the U.S. "Department and Justice," with the help of Judge
Michael Baylson, unconstitutionally coerced me into taking them
down prior to my sentencing. Yes, I'll be filing returns pretending
my income is taxable, and giving the IRS money I don't owe. But I
won't shut up.


Larken Rose

(P.S. Though it sounds weird, in a way I'm happy to announce that
Tessa and I earned so little in 2007 that the IRS will be getting
dang near nothing from us, even using their standard misapplication
of the law.)