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Wesley Snipes on Trial for 861

(originally launched into cyberspace on 01/14/2008)

Dear Subscriber,

It's been a while since I sent anything to the 861 list, but this
must be mentioned. The trial of Wesley Snipes begins today, and so
of course the New York Times has their hit piece, authored by David
Cay Johnston, propagandist and liar for the IRS. Here is the

Of course, it starts out with the usual envy routine: Mr. Snipes
made lots of money, but how much did he pay in taxes on all that
income? Zero! Oh, what horrible, nasty tax cheat he must be! Mr.
Johnston then uses his own little dishonest term "tax deniers" to
describe anyone who disagrees with the conventional wisdom about
the income tax. And if you think I'm being too caustic by calling
Mr. Johnston a liar, check out this quote from his "story":

"Adherents say a regulation applying the 861 provision does not
list wages as taxable, though it does say that 'compensation for
services' is taxable."

Mr. "Goebbels" Johnston, Minister of Propaganda for the federal
extortion machine, knows full well that that is NOT at all what the
861 evidence is about--not even remotely close. So why LIE about
the issue? Simple: because it's a lot easier refuting that made-up
position than refuting the truth. (Some people do argue that wages
aren't income, but Goebbels knows damn well that the 861 evidence
is NOT about that at all; it is about whether the "source," or type
of commerce, from which wages/compensation and other income
derives, is shown in the law to be taxable.)

The propaganda piece does mention some people who have been
acquitted, and also mentions people who have been prosecuted,
convicted, enjoined, and/or robbed for believing in the 861
evidence. In other words, "They're wrong, because they got hurt."
Nice logic. And, to add to the demonization of the tax heretic du
jour, the article states that Mr. Snipes was associated with "the
Nuwaubians, a quasi-religious sect of black Americans who promote
antigovernment theories and who set up a headquarters in Georgia in
the early 1990s," and stated that Mr. Snipes requested (but was
denied) a federal permit for a "military training compound" there.
Hey, why not throw in some comments about "extremists," or even
"terrorists," just to make the demonization complete?

I've never talked to Mr. Snipes (as far as I know), and know very
little about his case. If he wins, of course, it will be a huge
victory for the truth, and a huge blow to the extortion machine.
Even if he loses, however, (which I'm obviously hoping doesn't
happen) it would still bring attention to the 861 evidence.

The most noteworthy thing about the "story" in the New York Times
is how much it talks about the consequences of not filing, or of
saying unorthodox things, while saying almost NOTHING about the
substance of the issue. (The one thing it did say, quoted above,
was an outright lie.) And this is just what the American tyrants
want: let's talk about what will happen to you if you commit tax
heresy by not blindly believing them, instead of talking about what
their laws actually SAY. That's what makes it a propaganda piece,
rather than anything resembling actual reporting. And once again,
Goebbels Johnston has continued his perfect record of NEVER giving
people a web site where they can learn more about the 861 evidence--
the position he blatantly and intentionally mischaracterized in
today's New York Times "story." Well, in case anyone doesn't have
it already, the link below will get you a free download of the
recent update of my "Taxable Income" report, which shows in detail
what the LAW has to say about the issue:


Larken Rose