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Shoot The Messenger

(originally launched into cyberspace on 10/07/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

On a few occasions I have met people who disagree with my legal
conclusions about the federal tax laws, but who are also disgusted
at my prosecution, and the obvious censorship motivation behind it.
(Usually, however, people who are devoted to maintaining
"conventional wisdom" don't seem to care much what happens to those
who disagree.)

Anyone who is even slightly familiar with my case, and who isn't
either insane or a liar, would have to acknowledge that I was
targeted, not because I didn't send the IRS some pieces of paper,
but because of what I SAID--on my web sites, in my report, in my
video, etc. The government didn't really bother to hide that fact.

Well, I'm not the only one. Another attempt at censorhip-via-
prosecution is underway, with the persecution of Sherry Peel
Jackson, a former IRS agent. The actual charge is willful failure
to file tax returns. Watch the following video clips, and the REAL
motivation behind the prosecution will be patently obvious.

My case, Tessa's case, Dr. Tom's case, Joe Banister's case, Tommy
Cryer's case, and many others, were all about SQUELCHING DISSENT.
The government has no substantive rebuttal to these issues, so it
resorts to what "government" always resorts to: violence. And they
are doing the same with Sherry. That's how our "Department of
Justice" deals with tax heretics: "Spout the gospel according to
us, or pay the price!"

Well, when the time comes, I hope it's standing room only at
Sherry's trial, to let the federal fascists know that their
thuggery will not make these issues go away. In the meantime, I
hope we can see to it that Sherry isn't financially ruined by the
federal leviathan. Support her with your eyes, or your wallet, or
both. But whatever you do, PAY ATTENTION to what is happening.


Larken Rose