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(originally launched into cyberspace on 09/14/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

I just got word today that on Thursday, September 27th, at the
federal courthouse in downtown Wilmington, Delaware, oral arguments
regarding the appeal of my bogus conviction will be heard. A ruling
on the appeal should happen very soon thereafter.

The arguments will happen in open court before a three-judge panel.
Well-dressed, polite spectators are encouraged to attend. So you
know, the hearing will NOT be about the 861 evidence itself (which,
in the context of a criminal trial, I wasn't ALLOWED to argue
about), but will instead focus only on First and Fourth Amendment
issues, as they relate to the armed invasion on my house on May 6,
2003. Specifically, this part of the appeal has to do with the
trial court's denial of my motion to suppress, based on the
obviously unconstitutional, censorship-motivated nature of the IRS'

There are a few other issues addressed in the written motions of
our appeal, all of which were filed long ago, but they won't be
discussed at the hearing. My appeal is being handled by Peter
Goldberger, a well-known and exceedingly competent appelate
attorney. He'll be doing all the arguing; I'll just be a spectator.
If you want to be a spectator too, mark your calendar for September
27th. When I know the exact times, courtroom, etc., I'll let the
list know all that stuff.


Larken Rose

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