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The Truth Matters

(originally launched into cyberspace on 07/14/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

One thing about the "tax honesty movement" which I find
discouraging is how many people seem to be looking for some magic
trick so that they can escape the IRS' evil clutches, without
bothering to first seek the TRUTH. Such people judge the value of
an idea, not by whether it makes sense or matches the evidence, but
by whether it "works"--i.e., whether it can quickly and easily get
THEM out of having to give the IRS money.

Mind you, trying to avoid being robbed is a fine goal, but in their
quest for freedom, some people don't really seem to care what the
truth is. They will flit from one theory to another, failing to
thoroughly check out any of them, in the hopes of finding those
magic words which will make the IRS disappear from their lives.
Such people have often chided me for sharing my legal conclusions
WITHOUT also giving people advice on what to DO about it, or
offering some "solution." I find that viewpoint rather odd. Suppose
you were shopping, and some guy came running into the store, and
said to you, "Hey, buddy, I think someone is stealing your car!"
How would you respond?:

1) "Woaw, thanks for telling me. I'll go see what I can do about
2) "Well, what do you expect me to do about it? What would you
suggest? How can I do something about it without getting in
trouble? What's your solution?"

Who on earth would respond in the latter manner? No one. Yet when a
lot of us try to tell people, "You're being robbed!" (via the
misrepresentation and misapplication of the federal income tax), a
lot of people in the "movement" respond along the lines of, "Well,
how are YOU going to save me from that?" I'm not, and anyone who
pretends they can guarantee you protection from the IRS should be
avoided at all costs. In the long run, the best chance--probably
the only chance--for anyone to really be free from fear of the IRS
is by the truth being widely known. But for that to happen, some of
us have to actually know and UNDERSTAND the truth, and then spread
it to others.

But taking the time to understand the truth, without even being
sure if you'll be in a position to DO anything about it, is
something most people don't bother with. In the long run, however,
the fraud will be ended, not by those who seek a quick and easy
"fix" to their own problem, but by those who, first and foremost,
seek the TRUTH--the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Then,
when they thoroughly understand the fraud, they will pass it on to
others (as has already been happening on a huge scale).

So, without further ado, I'm happy to announce the release of the
much-improved new version of my "Taxable Income" report. And guess
how much it costs? Despite the fact that the feds mischaracterize
everything I do as a "tax fraud scheme," it's the same price it has
always been: FREE. To download it in PDF format, first go to the web site. Then skip down PAST the part about
the video, and just near the bottom, right above the picture of my
"Tyrant" book, you'll see a link to click to get it. (If you want
to buy the video, be my guest, but you do NOT have to pay a dime to
get all of the information.)

Please don't assume that the report is worthless just because it's
free. (Some have suggested I should sell it, just so people would
perceive it as being of value, but I still refuse to do that.) I
think even those already familiar with the issue could get
something from reading it. More importantly, it would be good for a
lot of you to make someone else you know read it. Then see if they
can say, with a straight face, that the issue is "frivolous,"
"without merit," "nonsensical," or any of the other insults the
power-control freaks like to throw at it.

"The powers that be" put me in a cage for a year for sharing my
findings. (The actual "willful failure to file" charge was a pretty
darn transparent excuse, as those of you familiar with my case
know.) But I intend to keep telling the truth, and I will keep
hoping people will pay attention. Most won't. Some will. But nobody
will pay attention until someone--someone like you--puts the
evidence in front of them first. So there it is.


Larken Rose