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Helping Political Prisoners

(originally launched into cyberspace on 02/03/2009)

A few quick (but important) orders of business:

1) There was a time there when I couldn't access the info for
fulfilling orders for "Kicking the Dragon"
(, due to a really stupid mess-up
(this one NOT my fault, for once). Thankfully, the problem is now
fixed, and I'm almost caught up again. If you ordered the book a
while ago and don't have your copy yet, I apologize, but now it's
on its way.

2) After much nagging from me, the donations have all been
collected for Dr. Tom's family, and the total ended up being well
over $6,000. So, way to go! The list of donors (by initials) is
attached at the end of this message. (Incidentally, that number
does not include the donations made directly to Dr. Tom's
commissary account, which I have no way to track.) All but a couple
thousand dollars have already been sent off to Dr. Tom's family,
and the rest will follow shortly.

3) The previous campaign to help out a political prisoner, that
time Sherry Peel Jackson, also seems to have helped, though I don't
know all the numbers. Again, Sherry and her husband, Colin, were
worried about losing their house. Well, the threat of that is not
so impending anymore. I'll shortly be forwarding a note that Colin
sent to me, to pass on to all of you. In the meantime, if you still
want to help them out (I know they still need it), you can do it
the old-fashioned way, by sending funds directly to this address:

Colin Jackson
1560 Fieldgreen Overlook
Stone Mountain, GA 30088

Or you can help them out WITHOUT spending anything you weren't
already going to spend. In short, whenever you're going to go
shopping online anyway, do it through the following link:

That's all. You don't have to do anything else, or pay any extra,
and some of your shopping dollars (which you were going to spend
anyway) will end up helping out Sherry's family. Simple and

Once again, on behalf of them and myself, many thanks to all of you
who helped out Dr. Tom's family and Sherry's family. (And thanks
again to those who have continued to help out my own family, even
when I wasn't pathetically begging for it.)


Larken Rose


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