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Wolfeboro (NH) Talk

(originally launched into cyberspace on 07/15/2008)

Okay, here's the deal. This Friday, July 18th, beginning at 7:00
p.m., I'll be giving a talk entitled "The Illusion of Legitimacy"
(about political stuff, not the tax thing). It will be at the Moody
Mountain Farm barn--the same place the Wolfeboro Folk Festival
happens--which is located at 100 Pork Hill Road, in Wolfeboro, New
Hampshire (40 miles northeast of Concord, 50 miles north of
Manchester). The following link gives the exact location and
driving directions:
(Notice that they have two locations, but the one you want is the
Moody Mountain Farm.)

You do NOT need to order tickets or get reservations for my talk,
or even tell us you're coming. Just show up. Again, we might
pathetically beg for a two- or three-buck donation at the door, but
even that is optional. After the talk, we'll have questions,
discussion, and general hanging around for a while. I'll have both
of my books there, and will be selling them at slightly below the
normal cost, and signing them for people who like that sort of

And again, while radical "extremists" are always welcome, I'd love
to also have some people there who AREN'T already steeped in pro-
freedom issues. So if you can, drag along a devout statist or two.
And while there should be refreshments and snacks there already,
feel free to bring your own, too. Hope to see you there.


Larken Rose

Larken Rose in NH (RSVP)

(originally launched into cyberspace on 07/14/2008)

Dear Subscriber,

I think we finally have some details for my talk this Friday
evening in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. At this point we're looking
for some idea of how many people will be there, so we can plan for
seating, refreshments, etc. So if those wishing to attend just
fling me an e-mail saying so--and how many folks you'll be bringing-
- -that would be a big help. You don't need reservations, and it's
not a commitment or anything--we just need a general idea of the
attendance to expect. (If you forget to tell me you are coming,
come anyway.) Incidentally, I hope all the "radical extremists" who
are coming bring along a NON-radical or two, too. I'm interested to
see how "normal" people react to this particular rant.

Anyway, the thing will probably start at around 7:00 p.m., and will
take place at a barn about a mile off of route 28 in Wolfeboro, NH,
which is about 40 miles northeast of Concord, or 50 miles north of
Manchester. (By a barn, I mean a place where they do concerts and
events; we won't be pushing livestock out of the way or anything.)
There will be a suggested donation of a few bucks at the door, but
even that is optional.

Again, if anyone expecting to be there could let me know how many
to expect, that would be great. Then I can let the owner know, and
finalize all the details by tonight. Thanks for your help.


Larken Rose

Illusion of Legitimacy

(originally launched into cyberspace on 07/10/2008)

Next Friday evening, I'll be giving a talk in the area of
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire (about 30 miles north of Manchester). It's
now evolved from a fairly ad-lib rant to a slightly coherent talk,
titled "The Illusion of Legitimacy." It will still be followed by
questions, discussion, and general extremist rhetoric. Again, I'll
be giving the details of exactly where and when in the next couple
of days, but it will be next Friday evening (NOT tomorrow) in the
Wolfeboro area.


Larken Rose

Lots of Books

(originally launched into cyberspace on 06/28/2008)

Several people who ordered "Kicking the Dragon" have been asking
where their books are. Keep in mind, though I started taking pre-
orders on June 2nd, I didn't even have the book myself until June
12th. At this point, a couple weeks later, ALL books ordered
(individuals and cases) have been mailed out, except for a couple
orders from outside of the country.

The books are sent "media mail" to reduce postage costs (which is
why shipping and handling is only $4 for this hefty book). In most
cases, the books are getting delivered two or three days after they
are sent. But of the hundreds of books sent out, a few taking
longer doesn't surprise me at all. If you've already ordered, and
don't get your book by Tuesday, July 1st, then let me know.
Otherwise, please be patient.

Incidentally, of the whole dozen cases I sent out a couple weeks
ago, just under half have actually been paid for. And since my
costs for a case of 12 are over $100, I'm running at a loss here.
So I hope when people get their cases, they can send payment to the
address below as soon as possible.


Larken Rose
P.O. Box 653
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

Anarchist Sighting in Wolfeboro, NH

(originally launched into cyberspace on 06/26/2008)

Dear Subscriber,

Just to let you know (or to warn you, as the case may be), I'm
expecting to be in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire in a few weeks to put
on a little talk/discussion thing. It will probably be on the 17th
(Thursday) or 18th (Friday) of July, though I don't know exactly
where yet. I'll give more details when I have them. There might be
a whopping $2 or $3 suggested admission, to cover the cost of
renting the room and maybe some of my dang gas bill to get up
there, but it won't be more than that.

I figure I'll rant about politics, my prison stay, my books, etc.,
for maybe an hour, and then you can heckle me, call me names, ask
questions--whatever--and then we can just hang around chatting
until everybody voluntary leaves, or until the owners of the place
kick us out (all in proper anarchist tradition). I'll also be
signing and/or selling my books there.

Again, when I have more details, I'll let you know.


Larken Rose

A Word from Tessa

(originally launched into cyberspace on 06/25/2008)

Dear Subscriber

Aside from the fact that the following is a shameless promotion of
my book by my wife, it's also an accurate description of what has
already happened in a few cases, according to reports I've been
receiving. Does it still count as bragging if it's true? Probably,
but I don't care. - Larken

- -------------< beginning of shameless promotion >-------------

Kicking the Dragon (Confessions of a Tax Heretic):

You’ve just ripped the wrapper off Larken’s new book. It’s a
pretty hefty book. A little intimidating, actually. You’re afraid
it will have lots of legal stuff in it that you won’t understand.
You turn it over and read the back. You leaf through and notice
that a big chunk of it is Appendices. OK, so it’s not so huge.
It’s easy on the eyes; it’s not an Atlas Shrugged. So you turn to
the first page, and Larken starts talking. It just sounds like
good old Larken Rose telling you a story. And before you know it,
the story grabs you and carries you away. You thought you knew
this story already, but each page brings something you hadn’t
heard. You want to get to the trial. You want to get to the
closing arguments.

Now it’s 2:00 in the morning, and you still haven’t put the book
down. You decide you’ll take it to bed and just glance at the next
chapter before you go to sleep. Four hours later, you think:
Damn. That was awesome. And then you think: Damn. I got no
sleep. I have to get ready for work. And then you think, Before I
get in the shower, I’ll just go and order a case so I can give this
book to all my friends.

Happy Reading from Tessa Rose

- ------------------------------------------------------------

You can get your own copy of "Kicking the Dragon" by sending $22 to
the address below, or by ordering online at

Larken Rose
P.O. Box 653
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

(P.S. A case of 12 books is now $192 (including shipping), which
comes to $16 a book. For now, bulk orders must be made via "snail
mail" at the address above.)

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