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Not Like the Movies

(originally launched into cyberspace on 01/09/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

At the request of a bunch of people, I'll tell
a bit about my prison experience, though your imaginations could
come up with something a lot more exciting than the reality of it.
I was in the minimum-security "prison camp" in Waymart,
Pennsylvania, where there are no fences, no bars, no locks, and the
guards aren't armed. I could have just walked off any time I wanted
to, though of course they'd then put me in a worse place if I did.

In other words, I was where they keep people who aren't a danger
to anyone (which might make some wonder why they would be
imprisoned at all). Sorry to disappoint you, but it wasn't like in
the movies. No stabbings, no gang stuff, not even any fighting.
(Anyone who even threatens violence gets immediately whisked away,
never to return to the camp.)

Basically, it was just stupid and
boring, rather than scary or dangerous. There was a certain level
of bureaucratic boneheadedness to deal with, and an occasional
control-freak "guard," but about all they could do was being
obsessive about the myriad of goofy rules. (Considering that we
could leave whenever we wanted, what exactly were they "guarding"?)

So mostly it was just boring. I spent lots of time walking around
the outdoor track, which has a pretty nifty view of mountains, a
pond, and some huge electric-generator windmills. (I saw five new
species of animals I had never seen before: red eft, gray tree
frog, red-bellied snake, spotted salamander, and a bird whose name
I forget at the moment.) I also spent lots of time working on
various projects (three more books, one music album, and a few
other things).

The inmates there were pretty much
indistinguishable from a random sampling of the general public.
Some were annoying, but many were just ordinary folks. Sharing one
room with 160 people can be a bit much, no matter who they are. It
worked pretty well, all things considered. The one guy there I hung
around with the most was trying his best to be an apathetic
moderate, but failing dismally. Try as he might, he still values
freedom, and abhors injustice and oppression.

So, sorry to
disappoint you, but it was pretty uneventful. Paradoxically, it
felt like it lasted forever, AND it felt like it lasted about a
week. Anyway, it's over now, except that on Friday Tessa goes in
for her 30 days, followed by five months stuck at home. And we also
get to pay combined fines to the court of $16,000 for not breaking
the law (in addition to the $80,000+ we'll be paying to the IRS as
penalties and interest on the taxes we didn't owe). So we'll be
digging out of a hole for quite a while, but we'll live. And we'll
have lots to say in the future.


Larken Rose
P.O. Box
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

(Above is my snail mail address,
for the people who requested it after my last message.)

Don't forget to check out "How To Be a Successful Tyrant (The
Megalomaniac Manifesto)" on the web site.)


(originally launched into cyberspace on 01/08-2007)

Dear Subscriber,

As many of you know from personal experience,
it's more than a little annoying being in a contest where we use
persuasion via evidence and reason, while the other side uses
"persuasion" via inflicting pain and suffering. (Hardly seems

If someone wants to say that most Americans owe federal
income taxes, I will use words to try to prove them wrong, but
never in a million years would I advocate that they be robbed and
put in a cage for saying what they think. Yet that is exactly how
our wonderful "public servants" treat us: they respond to our
voicing opinions by trying to cause us suffering. (How they sleep
at night I'll never know.) Sure, they give occasional lip service
to the First Amendment, but then violate it in every way they can
think of. Consider a few examples from my case:

1) Years back the
IRS started procedures to get a court injunction to forcibly shut
down my web site, under the strange excuse that they were
investigating my "abusive tax shelter." When I asked what I was
doing that was remotely close to being a "tax shelter," IRS agent
Chris Roginsky, after much evasion and obfuscation, identified my
sin: I voiced an opinion the IRS didn't like. (The injunction never

2) On May 6, 2003, when a dozen armed IRS agents raided
my house, they took every copy they could find of my "Theft By
Deception" video, my "Taxable Income" report, etc., despite the
fact that the Supreme Court says that's illegal (see Fort Wayne
Books v. Indiana). IRS agent Donald Pearlman even admitted (twice)
that they NEVER intended to return the videos, even after
concluding their "investigation." (Can you say "book-burning"?)

The affidavit of probable cause on which the search was based
(which they kept secret for many months) goes on and on about how
evil I am for expressing my opinions on my web sites, in the
report, in the video, to my e-mail list, etc. Nowhere does that
document even vaguely refer to my First Amendment right to voice my
opinions. The affidavit looks like it was written by the Thought

4) When they raided Dr. Tom down in Texas, stealing all of
his copies of the video as well, he called the Civil Rights
division of the DOJ to complain. The attorney he talked to there
said he could file a complaint, but it probably wouldn't be
processed. Why? Because it would be a conflict of interests,
because the DOJ was trying to STOP THE DISTRIBUTION of our
perfectly legal video. Yes, their own attorney admitted that.

After my conviction, Judge Michael Baylson said I had the right to
speak my mind, and that he'd never do anything to try to take away
my strongly-held beliefs. Then he made it clear that he'd make my
sentence a lot worse if I didn't take down my perfectly legal web
sites and stop selling my perfectly legal video (which I did).

speak our minds, they intentionally hurt us to make us shut up.
They don't bother with evidence and logic. They have no need to.
They can just assert that we're wrong, and then torture any heretic
who would dare say otherwise. Welcome to the land of the free.

lot of people have been terrorized in a lot of ways for not
parroting the Gospel According to the Feds. While I'm not thrilled
about what they've tried to do to my family (Tessa is about to go
to prison for 30 days for the "crime" of being married to me), our
loss has been relatively mild compared to a lot of other people.

There is a particular heretic that they are now trying to destroy
that is about as undeserving of that torture as anyone I've ever
met. As you may or may not know, Dr. Charles Thomas Clayton (who
you may know as "Dr. Tom") was recently sentenced to five years for
expressing his opinions. Of course, the feds didn't SAY that his
crime was speaking his mind (they pretended the case was about not
filing returns and filing supposedly false claims for refund), but
the DOJ and the judge in his case didn't do much to hide what they
really hate him for.

On the "Taxable Income" report you will see
my name. What you may not know is that Dr. Tom spent a lot of his
own time and money to get that information to anyone who might want
it. You would have seen my name on the currently comatosed web site. What you may not know is that that
web site came into being as a result of Dr. Tom giving his time,
effort and money to make it happen. You'll see my name on the
"Theft By Deception" video. What you may not know is that that
video never would have happened if not for Dr. Tom selflessly
donating tens of thousands of dollars for the hardware and software
to make the video, the printing of the first batch, etc. And I do
mean "donating," not "investing"; he didn't ask to ever be paid
back any of it.

You also probably don't (yet) know the lengths
Dr. Tom went to to try to get answers from those in government,
from everyone from the President's chief of staff to the IRS
attorneys specializing in 861 at IRS headquarters. I know Dr. Tom,
and I know what motivates him. He did what he did because he saw
100,000,000 of his neighbors being robbed, and couldn't stand it.

As a medical doctor he had a lot to lose. He was in a perfect
position to let someone else deal with the problem. But he didn't.
I can't count how many times he expressed to me how much it
bothered and frustrated him that so many victims of the federal
fraud were working so hard just to make ends meet. He saw it as our
duty to do anything we could to spread the truth and end the lie.

For that, he was branded as a criminal, and the feds are now doing
everything they can to destroy him, financially and emotionally.
They want him utterly ruined for speaking his mind, here in the
good old U.S. of A. (And twelve jurors--the same people Dr. Tom was
trying to PROTECT from government abuse--gave their approval for
the heretic to be tortured.)

He is currently out, but very soon
must self-surrender to prison unless he is granted an emergency
stay of sentence pending his appeal. As soon as I dig myself out of
economic oblivion, I intend to do everything I can to help support
his family, and you can expect me to ask you to do the same when
the time comes. But for now, I ask only that you do something
really easy: please let Dr. Tom know that you appreciate his
sacrifice. His e-mail is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

While the federal
terrorists have him on the rack, let him know that he is not
forgotten, that his efforts were not in vain, and that his courage
is appreciated.


Larken Rose

I'm Out

(originally launched into cyberspace on 01/04/2007)

Dear Subscribers,

Well, that was annoying (being wrongfully
imprisoned for a year), but I'm back. Remember me?

This list
consists of people who subscribed to my old "t-i-updates" list,
which is now dead. So you should all be here voluntarily. If you
didn't try to get on this list, or if you don't want to hear
anything a demonized convict might have to say, instructions for
unsubscribing are below. (If someone you know wants to sign up, the
instructions for that are below as well.)

There are a million
things I'd like to say, but I'll try to keep it (relatively) brief
this time. First, I was just "released" last Friday, having served
my prison term for the crime I didn't commit.

Second, I apologize
for my year of almost-complete silence. Not being able to speak my
mind--in this "land of the free"--for fear of retaliation by the
government has been extremely frustrating, and I can only imagine
all the theorizing out there about what it meant. No, it didn't
mean I decided I was wrong, nor did it mean that I stopped caring
about the truth; it meant I didn't want the government inflicting
any more suffering on my family (for the "crimes" my wife and I
didn't commit) than they already have.

In just over a week, Tessa
will be heading to Danbury, Connecticut to serve her 30 days at the
federal prison camp there (for the crime she didn't commit), after
which she'll be on home detention for five months. For those who
remembered to send her support--whether moral, financial, or
otherwise--even while I was unable to pitifully beg for it, I can't
thank you enough. I'll give this list her mailing address on the
inside, once I have it.

Finally, in unrelated news, I wanted to
let you know that my first book is now publicly available. This one
is not about tax law. It's called "How To Be a Successful Tyrant
(The Megalomanic Manifesto)," and it's just what it sounds like.
Well, sort of. You can learn more about it on the web site.

I'll be busy putting my family's
life back together for a while, paying off various huge fines and
penalties, and doing other equally fun stuff, but you'll be hearing
from me regularly again now. Stay tuned.


Larken Rose

(P.S. My appeal was filed months ago, and the government has now
responded. Soon we'll see what becomes of that.)

Thirty days for being Larken's wife

Dear Friends:

I am sorry it has been so long since I wrote. I know that many of you
have waited anxiously to know the outcome of my sentencing and to know
we are doing. There were two reasons for delay. One was that,
my sentencing actually took place on April 19 (after being delayed
the judgment was not entered until June 16, for unknown reasons. So
time for appeal ran until July 16.

The outcome of the sentencing was 30 days in prison followed by 5
home confinement, to begin shortly after Larken's release date in
Judge Baylson clearly did not want to put me in prison at all, but
it looked like he was going for six months home confinement, Ms. Davis
went somewhat hysterical. She had wanted me in for 15 months, the same
Larken. She was clearly prepared to appeal the sentence if he gave me
prison time at all. She frothed about how nothing but jail time deters
"these people." Last time I looked, I'm only one person, so I think
was talking about YOU. I'm taking it as kind of a compliment. I got
those 30 days because Larken's research and writing got so much
Thirty days for being Larken's wife.

Both sides had some grounds for appeal, and we didn't want to mess with
it. This was a sentence that I thought my daughter could handle, and I
wanted to focus on preparing for it and having some certainty about the
future. I think she will handle it just fine. She'll be almost ten
old. She'll have a whole month to just be with the daddy she's been
missing for a year - a whole month to break mommy's rules about food
bedtimes and video games and movies. She's actually looking forward to

As for me, prison will be another eye-opening experience that I'm sure
will make me wiser and stronger. Already what I've learned this past
could fill a book (and probably will, at some point).

The other reason I haven't written sooner is that I'm terribly busy.
Earning some money to bring the "ends" a little closer together (trying
make them meet would be far too ambitious), keeping a house, caring for
child, and visiting a husband in a prison three hours from home, simply
takes more time than there is available.

And how am I feeling now? Well, what does a person do when she has
her country the very best of herself, and her country has rejected that
very best as criminal, antisocial, and evil? Do I remake my soul to
the culture? Or do I remain true to myself and accept that America
never love or understand one such as me? I feel somewhat like a Native
American - the descendant of a culture that once flourished on this
but has been conquered and superseded. It was a culture that valued
life, liberty, property, privacy, and happiness of every person. It
was a
culture that broke us away from Britain, ended slavery, and gave rights
women. It was a culture that gave us the rule of law rather than men.
It is a culture that lives on in our hearts, but not in our country.
America is no longer our country - but you are my people.

Please write letters to Larken. He is bored and restless, and he needs
feel your support. And please send letters and money to other
patriots. If anyone has a good, up-to-date list, please send it and I
will post it. I will end with my own words from so many months ago:

"I don't wish suffering on myself or anyone else, but I am proud of
who have stood up for truth and justice when it was dangerous to do so.
And I'll be proud to be one of those people, no matter what happens to

Love to all -

Tessa Rose

MONEY ORDERS for Larken:
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Larken Rose
P.O. Box 474701
Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001

MONEY ORDERS for other federal inmates:
Federal Bureau of Prisons
(Register number)
P.O. Box 474701
Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001

LETTERS for Larken:
Larken Rose
58421-066, Unit G
Federal Prison Camp
P.O. Box 200
Waymart, PA 18472

Tessa David
c/o Larken Rose
P.O. Box 653
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Message from Tessa Rose

(originally launched into cyberspace on 04/21/2006)

Dear Subscribers:

I am aware of the recent post that went out to this list on Larken's
behalf. I want you all to know that that this message does not reflect
my feelings; Larken is not speaking for me. I am finished with this
battle and I want nothing more than to focus all my energy on nurturing
my family and rebuilding our lives. I am most grateful for all the
and support we have received through this list.

Love to all, Tessa Rose

Breaking the Silence

(originally launched into cyberspace on 04/20/2006)

Dear Subscriber,

Greetings from the federal prison camp in Waymart, PA. Since the
in my trial, and throughout my wife's trial, and during my
to date, one of the most frustrating things for me has been remaining
silent. Not a day has gone by in which I didn't want to say a thing or
(or ten) to all of you on this list. But being at the mercy of the
and to a lesser degree our own lawyers, Tessa and I have had to pretty
much bite our lips until both of our sentencings had occurred. As of
today, we're done being quiet. I am writing this prior to Tessa's
sentencing, so I can't comment on how it went. But I have a lot of
things I've been waiting to comment on for a very long time. Now I can,
and I will. First, I'm guessing that our prolonged silence was
by some as a sign that we had given up, or maybe even decided that we
wrong. Now, at long last, I can rebutt such notions with a
"Hell, no!" I won't apologize for the ~ silence, as it was necessary to
minimize the harm to our family inflicted upon us for crimes we didn't
commit. Now that both sentences have been pronounced, we can speak our
minds again. And that, as it happens, will be the topic of this, the
in a series of daily messages to be sent to this list.

Chilling Effect 101

My wife and I were wrongly convicted of five misdemeanor counts of
failure to file federal income tax returns (26 USC 7203). At
Judge Michael Baylson made it abundantly clear that he would impose a
harsher sentence if I did not take down my web sites and stop selling
video. So I did. What, you might ask, do those things have to do with
filing returns (what we were convicted of)? The answer: not a damn
This was nothing more than a roundabout way of achieving
censorship, and circumventing the First Amendment. That's what the feds
wanted, and the court gave it to them. Consider why I've been so
because everyone accepted it as self-evident that our "punishment"
be worse if we were to speak our minds prior to sentencing. Take a
to digest the full significance of that. We had to shut up, because if
said bad things about the government or the courts (regardless of
the comments had anything to do with what we were convicted of), we
most likely be punished for it at sentencing. First Amendment? What's
that? Just how blatant does tyranny have to be before Americans will
it what it is? There is also a chance that when my prison term is up
November), and I go into "supervised release," that Judge Baylson could
make "shut up about 861" be a condition of release. If so, I will fight
it. But even the possibility should make freedom-loving people sick.

In addition, my wife and I have already started filing FALSE returns,
incorrectly reporting our income as taxable (when we know it isn't) to
avoid retaliation from the court. That's a bit ironic: we will be
committing FELONIES by signing returns we know to be inaccurate (see
USC 7206) in order to minimize the punishment we receive for
we didn't commit. In fact, we've already done so, filing returns for
and subsequent years. We've paid a lot of money, and will pay a lot
that we know we don't owe to the government, to avoid further terrorist
tactics of the IRS, DOJ and the courts. Judge Baylson at sentencing
the word "rehabilitation," which I found sickeningly Orwellian. But if
being "rehabilitated" means to stop telling the truth, stop pointing
tyranny and government fraud, and to stop wanting to see truth and
win... well then I guess I'm not rehabilitated.


Larken "The Convict" Rose From Federal Prison

(P.S. If there's anyone you know who might like to read the thoughts of
ranting jailbird, just have them send an e-mail to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they'll get these messages too.)